My kids have this really cool book of Marvel heroes where you can mix and match them by turning the head, body, and legs separately. I thought it would be pretty awesome to make our own during summer camp at my workplace.

Step 1: Take the Photos

So I don't have photos for you but I can hopefully explain it well enough that you wont need them.  You need all the pictures to be relatively the same size and in the same place. So I marked the feet placement with two Xs of masking tape on the floor. Then I had a volunteer stand there so I could position the camera on the tripod at the correct distance away to get the full body in the frame. If the photo taking process will take more than one day, mark the tripod placement with tape as well. Then start taking the pictures. Have the subjects pose however they want, but learn from my woes and make sure the arms and hands aren't higher than the neck or lower than the waist, I had them no higher than the shoulders but forgot about the waist part and it looks funny later when you flip and a person has 2 sets of hands.
What an incredible idea <br/>So creative <br/>I voted cause I will actually try to make it
Thank you! I'm happy to hear that you are going to try it. Please let me know how it turns out and what people think of it :)

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