Picture of IKEA HACK: bedside buddy

This smart bedside caddy has compartments to hold all your everyday carry (EDC) sundries. This simple IKEA hack was made from an IKEA flatware holder and has drawer pulls as feet. Put this caddy next to your bed to hold you phone and earplugs at night, or next to your couch to keep your remote controls in order.

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Step 1: Tools + materials

Picture of Tools + materials


  • hammer
  • drill
  • screwdriver
  • rotary tool
  • saw


The "Rationell" flatware tray was broken apart to make it shorter, then the "Lindsdal" drawer handles were modified to act as legs and inserted into the bottom of the tray.

Step 2: Break apart + cut

Picture of Break apart + cut

Using a soft-face mallet and striking the end of the flatware tray I was able to separate the try. The end piece was glued and tacked together using finishing nails and broke apart easily.

Using a saw the tray was cut down the middle width-wise at the center divider. The end piece can then be placed onto the new cut edge for a shorter version of the flatware tray.

Step 3: Glue back together

Picture of Glue back together

A bead of wood glue was placed on the new cut edges and the end piece was attached to the flatware try using a few finishing nails.

Clean up any glue that seeped out and allow glue to dry completely.

Step 4: Add drawer pulls as feet

Picture of Add drawer pulls as feet

I found some nice drawer pulls that would make fun feet for this caddy.

These drawer pulls are attached through the drawer face into the handles, with the bolt heads inside the drawer. I wanted the bolts but not the heads, so I cut them off using a rotary tool and cutting wheel.

Using a drill with a bit slightly smaller than the bolts used in the handles, openings were made in each corner on the underside of the flatware tray. The drawer pulls were then screwed into the openings.

Nice IKEA flat pack furniture hack there! Your photos are awesome as well!

Wingloader1 year ago

What are the blue tube thingies? They look like party favors.

Nice work.

"IKEA HACK"? Careful, you might get shut down by the Swedish meatball makers for a copyright claim...

I love the cute little feetsies on it!

wilgubeast1 year ago

Bend a wire hanger (or add any vertical holder) to make this a jewelry stand. Plenty of room for rings and bracelets, and a spot for necklaces to hang out.

simple , but beautoful and nice

Applies to both the author and the project. :D

M3G1 year ago

Looks great!

andddddddd u could even expand the size if needed

ChrysN1 year ago

Nice, that looks very smart!

Love it!