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Introduction: IKEA HACK: Easy Lamps

Ikea has plenty of things that can be turned into attractive lights. I loved the industrial look of the stainless steel colander, and turning it into a lamp was a breeze with IKEA's inexpensive Hemma light socket set.

At $15, this easy project can be remixed and remade in countless ways.

Step 1: Supplies

I wanted to try a few different kinds of lights using this concept, so I grabbed a few types of stainless steel enclosures:

$5.00 HEMMA cord and light socket set

$9.99 ORDNING stainless steel colander

$3.00 VACKERT stainless steel candle holder (striped)

$3.00 VACKERT stainless steel candle holder (dotted)

Step 2: Drill Opening

Going at a low speed on a drill press and using plenty of lubricant, a 1-1/4" hole saw was used to create an opening in the bottom of the colander. The same process was repeated on the stainless steel candle holders.

Step 3: Disassemble Socket Set

The light socket set has a collar that threads into the neck of the socket. Unscrew the collar and feed the neck through the opening of the colander, then screw the collar back on the neck securing the socket to the colander. After, install a light bulb into the socket.

Repeat this same process with the stainless steel candle holders.

Step 4: Hang Lamps

To hang your lamp you'll need a ceiling hook or beam to drape the power cord through, then plug into the wall directly or into a power switch.

Let there be light!



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Hmm, looks like I stole your idea without knowing it. Just finished this today and now found your instructable while searching for a next project. :)


Great ideas are hard to keep down! Looking good, and I love the light pattern on the ceiling.

If I don't have a drill press can I use something else? I reallylovethese!

A handheld power drill will also work. Make sure to secure your work before drilling, it can spin out as you drill break through.

I love such IKEA furnishing hacks. Your final result looks awesome.
Ave IKEA ah? :)

Beautiful and easy work, Thanks

ha quedado espectacular


se ve muy bien en su cocina

You might want to try some Edison Bulbs in these for the look!