IKEA Ice Straws





Introduction: IKEA Ice Straws

Add a cool zing to your summer cocktails with this totally cool straw!

Step 1: Materials

IKEA, the horror show that it is, sells an ice tray that makes cube sticks that fit into water bottles.

You'll need:
1 Ice cube tray (as mentioned above)
Enough straws to fit in each compartment
a Small bit of clay

Step 2: Preparation

Cut each straw so that they fit into the ice compartments. Be sure to leave it long enough so that they can be supported above the bottom of the tray by friction (that is, make them a tiny bit longer than the tray).

Next, pit a tiny bit of clay into each end of the straw. This will keep water out of the straw for easy removal later.

Push one straw into each compartment such that it sits near the middle of the cube.

Fill with water.

Step 3: Freeze and Finish

Place your tray in the freezer for a few hours or until completely frozen.

Once your tray is frozen, carefully remove each ice straw.

Removing plastic straw

I found the easiest way to remove the straw was to allow the straws to thaw for about 10 minutes. Then push a skewer through the clay and straw. The friction from the clay pushed out the straw far enough that I could grab it.

You don't necessarily have to remove the straw as long as you remove all of the clay. A clean pipe cleaner would work well for this. This way, you'll get a longer service life out of your straw.

Now go enjoy your Sunday Mimosa or afternoon Bloody Mary :)



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Now that's the best IKEA hack I've seen lately


Great Idea... Making them now.. It gets real Hot here in Paradise....lol.. Cheers..

"Sorry, this product is not for sale on our website, check if it is available in your local store."
"Currently this product is not available to buy online. Check below for availability at your local store."

My 'local' store is missions away off a junction of a motorway (M6). I can't drive, petrol is GBP£1 per litre anyway, all forms of public transport in UK are expensive, inadequate and unpredictable (yes, so is the Royal Mail). Buying off eBay will mean you get it delivered to you (eventually) and you can actually buy it online...progress!
I'm sure the cost of postage is negated by any petrol or other forms of transport costs needed to get to an IKEA store AND you don't have to go to IKEA. Bonus! Time Extended!
£1.99 + £1.25 = £3.24

£1.99 + £1.50 = £3.49

Short Straw


Or you could try and make your own tray with potato plastic and test tubes... maybe.

Look what I found Bucky - http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/60146194
Yes this is the UK site.
On initial inspection it just appeared to be a heart shaped ice cube tray, but the photo clearly shows a black striped one the same as in this Instructable.
A new ikea opened up in the same town as I live last year, so fetching them is far easier for some, indeed. Agreed tho- finding your way around an ikea is similar to using a powerdrill on your eyeballs.
Its interesting tho that they have two near identical 'ice cube tray' product listings, albeit with two different codes. I wonder if one of them has been discontinued or something.
Regardless, for the better solution, I'd suggest doing-it-yourself in true Instructables ideals by getting hold of a small amount of silicone rubber, its not difficult, I've made molds myself of quite intricate shapes, and air bubbles aren't that much a problem, esp. for this idea.
Or maybe an even cheaper rubber substance - not sure if all grades of latex are food safe tho!

S**t, only just realised you posted that TWO YEARS ago!

Oh heck, I was about to click a insightful reply and realized you posted this a year ago. :D Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping....