Add a cool zing to your summer cocktails with this totally cool straw!

Step 1: Materials

IKEA, the horror show that it is, sells an ice tray that makes cube sticks that fit into water bottles.

You'll need:
1 Ice cube tray (as mentioned above)
Enough straws to fit in each compartment
a Small bit of clay

Step 2: Preparation

Cut each straw so that they fit into the ice compartments. Be sure to leave it long enough so that they can be supported above the bottom of the tray by friction (that is, make them a tiny bit longer than the tray).

Next, pit a tiny bit of clay into each end of the straw. This will keep water out of the straw for easy removal later.

Push one straw into each compartment such that it sits near the middle of the cube.

Fill with water.

Step 3: Freeze and Finish

Place your tray in the freezer for a few hours or until completely frozen.

Once your tray is frozen, carefully remove each ice straw.

Removing plastic straw

I found the easiest way to remove the straw was to allow the straws to thaw for about 10 minutes. Then push a skewer through the clay and straw. The friction from the clay pushed out the straw far enough that I could grab it.

You don't necessarily have to remove the straw as long as you remove all of the clay. A clean pipe cleaner would work well for this. This way, you'll get a longer service life out of your straw.

Now go enjoy your Sunday Mimosa or afternoon Bloody Mary :)
<p>Now that's the best IKEA hack I've seen lately </p>
<p>TO COLD</p>
so sneaky, luv it
Great Idea... Making them now.. It gets real Hot here in Paradise....lol.. Cheers..
Bloody Marry? Pretty sure you misspelled Mary.
maybe he tested his 'ible like all good iblers ;p
I imagine chopsticks would work just as well as straws. Then you don't have to bother with clay.
I thought the same.... In practice, this is not the case. The ice forms a tight bond... Perhaps if they had a polished and thermally conductive surface (stainless steel, for example) it could work... But that's a lot of infrastructure for a quick project. As suggested somewhere in the comments - soft fruit makes a good/edible alternative to clay. Either way, it's no bother.
I'm going to try using the microwave bacon cooker as a mold instead of having to purchase something special. My grandkids will love this!
Be carfull removing the finished straws those trays can become brittle if frozen.
Be careful on the choice of clay. Polyform clays can be toxic. Other than that, great idea! Jane
I would think bee's wax or paraffin used for sealing jelly jars would be a better choice.
Wonder if you could stuff the straws with some kind of food (fruit pulp?) that has an agreeable or no flavor? Apple flesh? Awesome instructable... enhancing normal activity, one straw at a time.
nice improvement of a fine idea. now, how do i make a bendy ice straw?
yoo i jst make a spacer where the bendy part goes lol, it would work but it would just fall down as soon as u let go
Very nice idea. What I would do though, is to get a wide fast food straw and a slim store-bought straw, cover one end of both with clay, and insert the open end of the smaller one into the clay- covered end of the larger. Pour in water (not all the way!) and freeze. (you may want to use two pairs of cut straws, taped together, so that you can later remove the tape and pull them off instead of having to cut them open.
Hm. . . I wonder if you could use cut-down bbq skewers to make a thicker straw and avoid the clay. . . .
that is the easy one. replug one end with the clay then fill straw with strawberry nectar, replug, refreeze. to serve take out clay plugs and thread on fresh strawberries and float in punch bowl or just eat.
...So simple... yet so elegant... the circle is complete.
I hate to do this, but ThinkGeek is selling a silicon ice-straw tray . . . with that center piece built into the tray . . . great hack, though, although I'd think the clay would add a wierd taste . . .
I'm glad someone commercialized it :) It only took ~3 years :D
I was going to make the same comment, I love ThinkGeek.
To get the straw out easier, run some warm water through it.
To make Transparent ice (Like used in those big ice sculptures) you need to agitate the ice whilst freezing, a motor with an offset weight attached to the container should do the trick.
As some other people have said sugar water freezes into a soft just a little bit slushy, ice (like a Popsicle) You could try using some artificial sweetener (you know the stuff diabetics or dieters use in their coffee) you may want to ad some flavor as well. In New Zealand (where I live) you can get sugar and color free juice powder (kinda like Kool-Aid i think) which would work nicely. To get really clear ice (sweet or not) other thing you would want to do (sweet ice or not) is to boil the water first (hat tip to everyone else who suggested this a well) For the best results you would want to boil the water (that has been through a carbon filter) for 5-10 min to get all the dissolved air to come out. If you put the boiled water into a glass bottle, up to the brim, and screw on the lid firmly, the water will cool and contract. This will cause a vacuum to form in the bottle. This will pull even more gas out of the water (It may be a bit of an over kill but will the best results) Give it ago and see what works, have fun!!
Go New Zealand!!!!! yay
Sugar water doesn't freeze as firmly as plain water or even flavored water. that's why ice pops can be bitten and why you can suck all the flavor out of a popsicle. Sugar water wouldn't work for these ice straw's I'm afraid, I believe they would collapse in short order.
Boil the water before freezing. makes clear (non cloudy) ice. Now sweet is a different animal. Sugar in the boiled water maybe? Play around with it and let us know what you come up with.
Simple syrup, maybe? Simple Syrup is made with sugar in boiled water until it dissolves and its used to make sweet tea or as an additive on sorbets/ice cream. But sorbet and ice cream is made out of fine crystals so I don't know if it'd come out clear when frozen. Wouldn't hurt to try, either way it'd be delicious!
boil the water first, there's another instructable on the subject.
very nice insructable, and great idea! although, i really wouldn't call IKEA a horror show, haha!
Clearly someone who's never been lost in an IKEA display floor. ;)<br />
If I get lost I just take a nap on a chair or bed. Eventually someone will say &quot;Do you need any help?&quot;
There is a UK series called &quot;the Wrong Door&quot; in which a young modern couple somehow wanders through the back of a wardrobe they can't assemble correctly and ends up lost in 'Njarnia'....very funny to anyone who has been lost, snoozed or had a panic attack in an IKEA....(on IFC in the US). Great straw idea- my son (who bought the trays) is going to love this.
haha thats awseome!! I'll have to figure out how to do this without the tray!
I have no idea :) maybe using a copper pipe with a straw in it
You could also drip a bit of hot water through the straw and slide it out, then put then in the freezer until needed...I think that would reduce loss of the outside of the straw then by letting them thaw...
This is really really cool!
Clearly, this is only the beginning. How about freezing straws with a fruit juice or complimentary liquid - say making a strawberry daquiri, and freezing straws made out of limeade? I'm not sure you could do it with alcoholic beverages, but then I am no freezing point expert, but I think that you could use it as another mixer or something to add some pizazz to your cocktails by making it out of something flavored instead of just ice.
Limeade with colored swirls .. :D Make the juice, pop it into the tray for a bit, take out the tray after ten minutes and add some drops of food coloring then put it back into the freezer. Now that is deliciously chic.
A sign shop near me sell Plexiglas, they the also sell Plexiglas rod. the diameter comes in 1/16 in. increments starting at 1/4" the stuff is dirt cheap, solid and non toxic..... any respectable sign shop has or can get this stuff. I imagine that the rod is smooth enough to press through with little effort. just adding my 2¢
cold and cool... sweet
I think I may just build a rig to make em.
if it works, make an ible.
won't some clay get onto the ice?
i got my tongue stuck to one LOL

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