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You read correctly. It's a cupcake within a cupcake. ever since i watched INCEPTION, i've been finding as many new ways to show inception as possible. you have to get creative though.=] well here it is a cupcake inside a cupcake.=] hope you enjoy.

***as you can see, my frosting abilities are limited, but i say, "its what's on the inside that counts=]"

2 cake mix boxes (+eggs,oil, and water)
food coloring of your choice
frosting of your choice
small cookie cutter
cake pan
cupcake pan

Step 1: Bake #1(mini Cupcake)

first make one box of the cake mix and add a color.
You can add any color or even make it a chocolate cake inside with vanilla cake on the outside.
after your cake has been baked and cooled for up to 20 minutes get your cookie cutter and cut out the shapes.
if the cake isn't holding too well, cool it in the fridge for another 5 - 10 minutes.
then continue cutting out your shapes.

Step 2: Bake #2 (big Cupcake)

while the first batch is baking prepare your 2nd cake mix
once you have cooled and cut out the shapes, place one in each hole of the cupcake pan(make sure they are all facing in the same direction and keep track of that)
then cover that with the cake batter you have(i find it easiest to drop a bit on each side of the mini cupcake to stable it before i put a big dallop of batter on top)
bake for 15-20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean
however be careful when inserting tooth pick because you can interfere with the interior shape.

Step 3: Toppings

remember to keep all the cupcakes facing in one direction since that is the way that the cupcake should be cut/eaten so that the shape will show. 

you can keep track of that by putting certain markers on top of your cupcake.(i chose sprinkles )

for example you can insert cupcake picks and keep it in the correct direction.

you are basically done, Hope you have fun!

- after trying this recipe i found out  that i could have just baked one box since i seems to have lots of leftovers, however you can always just make a small cake on the side or even make cake balls which i will post later.
- you can also substitute the inside cupcake or shape with brownies or even cookies, which will be a lot easier to cut out.
-get creative and insert hearts for valentine's day and even a mini Christmas tree for the holidays.



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Yo dawg! i heard you like cupcakes!


inception is defined as giving an idea to any individual through dream-time whilst making it seem self generated how does this relate?

uhhh.... no it isn't. it's simply the beginning (starting, commencement....) of something. Don't use movies to teach you what words mean, or you'll come out looking really silly when you try to correct people with a completely incorrect definition :)

idk, cause i don't think the pictures are two different flavors. but i guess it's supposed to be cake inside a cake.

yeah they're the same flavor, but you can do whatever you want

i'm simply relating to the movie and the whole concept of a dream within a dream. when i think of inception i think " A DREAM WITHIN A DREAM" that's why it's a cupcake within a cupcake. oh well i thought it was pretty awesome =]


"inception" is defined as the beginning or starting point of something.

if i have had time i would have chosen two flavors but i procrastinated and submitted this minutes before the contest when i do my next batch i will surely add 2 flavors.=] thank you very much!

I so wanna come try some when you do,lol. :)
I wish I could say I am on cupcake overload....But there is NO SUCH THING! :D