You read correctly. It's a cupcake within a cupcake. ever since i watched INCEPTION, i've been finding as many new ways to show inception as possible. you have to get creative though.=] well here it is a cupcake inside a cupcake.=] hope you enjoy.

***as you can see, my frosting abilities are limited, but i say, "its what's on the inside that counts=]"

2 cake mix boxes (+eggs,oil, and water)
food coloring of your choice
frosting of your choice
small cookie cutter
cake pan
cupcake pan

Step 1: Bake #1(mini Cupcake)

first make one box of the cake mix and add a color.
You can add any color or even make it a chocolate cake inside with vanilla cake on the outside.
after your cake has been baked and cooled for up to 20 minutes get your cookie cutter and cut out the shapes.
if the cake isn't holding too well, cool it in the fridge for another 5 - 10 minutes.
then continue cutting out your shapes.
Yo dawg! i heard you like cupcakes!
inception is defined as giving an idea to any individual through dream-time whilst making it seem self generated how does this relate?
uhhh.... no it isn't. it's simply the beginning (starting, commencement....) of something. Don't use movies to teach you what words mean, or you'll come out looking really silly when you try to correct people with a completely incorrect definition :)
idk, cause i don't think the pictures are two different flavors. but i guess it's supposed to be cake inside a cake.
yeah they're the same flavor, but you can do whatever you want
i'm simply relating to the movie and the whole concept of a dream within a dream. when i think of inception i think " A DREAM WITHIN A DREAM" that's why it's a cupcake within a cupcake. oh well i thought it was pretty awesome =]
"inception" is defined as the beginning or starting point of something.
very clever! is the pink batter a different flavor or just colored? So neat!
if i have had time i would have chosen two flavors but i procrastinated and submitted this minutes before the contest deadline.lol when i do my next batch i will surely add 2 flavors.=] thank you very much!
I so wanna come try some when you do,lol. :)<br>I wish I could say I am on cupcake overload....But there is NO SUCH THING! :D
=] of course.=] you should try it out sometimes too.=D
Jax my friend I agree there is no such thing, and with all of these ideas you must be in heaven. I like the idea of two flavors. I love the visualization of this.
Love it. Great Job.
Cool to the core, this is very clever.<br>Ps my frosting always looks ugly unless I pipe it on :)
aw thanks =]
lol its true, what is on the inside that counts.=]
aw thanks if only everyone could see that
This is really neat! I loved the movie, so I will definitely try this one out.
yay i'm glad to hear that, maybe you'll succeed more than i did.lol send me pics if you do bake them. thanks.
Very clever!
hehe but i can't take all the credit, i got the idea from this blog, she baked a heart inside but i decided to add my own twist to it, i'm glad you like.=D <br><br>http://alisonswonderscraporium.blogspot.com/2011/02/i-heart-you-vanilla-cupcakes-with-heart.html
AWESOME! very clever idea! but i don't see your entry in the contest??
thank you, and yeah i just barely published this last night lol so it hopefully will show soon.=]

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