Here's the DIY of IRONMAN 2!
This is my first experience doing something like this and I want to share it, 4 long months working all weekends. This is the pepakura method, so you need a lot of patience.

"Get ready for..." Stage

First list of material:
Paper Cardstock
Hot Glue
Your PC and Printer
Pepakura Viewer software

DOWNLOAD Pepakura software.

DOWNLOAD Pepakura files.



(Updated on JUN 12, 2012)
Thanks to ROBO for this awesome files!!! the best 3D model of ironman on the web!

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Step 1: "Print - cut - Paste"

Picture of
Once you have all the files in your PC, you proceed to print each part.

Cutting the pieces by the solid line.

The dotted line is for "mountain" folding and the dot-line-dot is for "valley" folding.

Match each tab with its corresponding number using hot glue, helped with the Pepakura Viewer to identify easily each piece.

Do the same with all the parts one by one to avoid confusing the pieces.

TIP: Save each printed & cutted page of the part in numbered folders for easy identifying.
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digg44442 years ago
I downloaded the pepakura... the right shin left shin r the same! same thing w/ the right/left handplate...any suggestions?
same w/ shoulders, thighs and biceps
sekkei (author)  digg44442 years ago
HEY! Sorry for the delay...
Here's a thing! some pieces are the same in the 3D model (left and right),
but if you take a look closely they are not the same, try to print them and you will notice the difference, I really have not idea why the 3D model doesn't change when flip is apply to parts.
Other pieces, like the hand plate, are just the same for both sides.
zonmin1 month ago

sekkei, please help me. i don't know were can i find the link for the iron man whole suit. also, do you have the mark 3? i think it looks better :-)

A1IT3R1 month ago

what size are the feet? ;o

jakub.kis.352 months ago

how much did it costed you to make the armor?

jakub.kis.352 months ago

i live in poland and i don't know can i get all of the materials. can i do this somehow else? :/

Tgizzo4 months ago
props to you man! I tried this method, and I only did the helmet. The rest was just too much time, money, and glued and burned fingers! I'm moving to the foam method for the suit now. Congrats bro. That's dedication ;)
wakkowolf124 months ago

Making Marvel movie good design how do you make the Helmet move?

CommonName4 months ago

So I'm a wee bit short (5'4 to be exact) and I wanted to know if I make this suit will it fit and how much did this cost roughly

ajatmiko4 months ago

Pepakura files Empty Folder???

rgillis1 ajatmiko4 months ago
Have you found the files yet? I'm looking to. All I can find are the mark IV, but I want the VI
takitty0075 months ago

Hey, your link to the pdo files goes to an empty folder. I was just in it a week ago and it had everything but I didn't save them. Have they been moved? Do you still have a copy of them??

Have you found the files yet? I'm looking for them to.
rgillis14 months ago
The folder is empty to the pep files. Can you help please?
macmice4 months ago

ive had my eye on this for a while now and was wondering if you could make me a suit and have it to toronto by the summer? if not half way thru it? could you email me the price and info?

Green X4 months ago


stsiganis5 months ago

can you give us the patterns? That would be awesome

Bryant886 months ago

One more question, On the faceplate, there were some pieces one the pepakura viewer that would not print. they were the pieces around the eyes, and i cant figure it out. Are they necessary?

abedre6 months ago
please help me tell me which dremel tools u used for it
maron61311 months ago
do you think ill be able to finish in 20 day?


sorry if the reply s late =P

if all 20 days are free and if you can work all day then yes

sekkei (author)  maron61311 months ago
jbushehri6 months ago

found a summer project

rudraksh negi6 months ago

ummm sorry to disturb you guys again... but i am really low and tight on budget... so can i use acrylic paints instead of spraypaints? thx :)

rudraksh negi6 months ago

umm....... i just had one question... ok maybe two or three :p but how many LED's should be mounted to a single AA battery?? thx

ajones1077 months ago
Awesome designs and nice build!
I've been looking for someone to build me a costume like this, wondering if you'd do me one and id obviously pay you
kilian10247 months ago

great work! I'm on it but i wonder about the paper size: did you use A3 or A4?
And how did you get the parts together, like schoulder and bizeps?

sekkei (author)  kilian10247 months ago

Cardstock with 110 thickness and regular sized paper. And all parts are together with hot glue in the paper stage, and using fiberglass like tape or Velcro at the final assembly. Hope this can help you


macmice8 months ago

how much would it cost me for you to make one for me and send it to canada and how would i pay?

Going to attempt this in the summer. Do you have any idea what the average cost would be? Like how much card stock, resin, body filler... I just want an estimate to see if this is realistic to start.

Thanks for the great Instructable!

hey sekkei, please can you tell me something?

how do you put hinges on the forearm/wrist piece
ps. i would also like to know how to put hinges on the helmet
so i would be able to lift up the faceplate
rmayne9 months ago
LOVE this build. What weight card stock did you use?
M-S-M9 months ago
What type of screw did you use?
Fozzibehr10 months ago
hey, I was curious as to how much resin/fiberglass/body filler you used, and could you give a description as to how you made all the pieces together, This suit looks really cool and i would love to make one
lgchinadragon10 months ago
This is so great! just wondering, how do you flip the piece for hands or arms or legs? Thanks!
scratrocks1 year ago
Hi like the iron man!!! Im gonna start my project can u tell me what size paper you used to print on? And what thickness was it? Please could you answer.THANK YOU
he mentioned that it would be cardstock with 110 thickness and regular sized paper.
here's an amazon link for buying it:
kylejmdietrich10 months ago
And when's the best time to add my dremel details?? Before the glazing putty or after or both??
13, 11:34 PM.jpg
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