Here's the DIY of IRONMAN 2!
This is my first experience doing something like this and I want to share it, 4 long months working all weekends. This is the pepakura method, so you need a lot of patience.

"Get ready for..." Stage

First list of material:
Paper Cardstock
Hot Glue
Your PC and Printer
Pepakura Viewer software

DOWNLOAD Pepakura software.

DOWNLOAD Pepakura files.




(Updated on JUN 12, 2012)
Thanks to ROBO for this awesome files!!! the best 3D model of ironman on the web!

Step 1: "Print - cut - Paste"

Once you have all the files in your PC, you proceed to print each part.

Cutting the pieces by the solid line.

The dotted line is for "mountain" folding and the dot-line-dot is for "valley" folding.

Match each tab with its corresponding number using hot glue, helped with the Pepakura Viewer to identify easily each piece.

Do the same with all the parts one by one to avoid confusing the pieces.

TIP: Save each printed & cutted page of the part in numbered folders for easy identifying.
I downloaded the pepakura... the right shin left shin r the same! same thing w/ the right/left handplate...any suggestions?
same w/ shoulders, thighs and biceps
HEY! Sorry for the delay...<br>Here's a thing! some pieces are the same in the 3D model (left and right),<br>but if you take a look closely they are not the same, try to print them and you will notice the difference, I really have not idea why the 3D model doesn't change when flip is apply to parts.<br>Other pieces, like the hand plate, are just the same for both sides.<br>
<p>Would the mask be strong enough for airsoft?</p>
How much does it cost to make roughly all together
<p>im having real trouble with the ears, the dont seem to match, is anyone else having this problem?</p>
<p>how did you nmeasure the boots for the shoe because i am having trouble measuring the boots and placing the measurments in pepakura plz tell me plz</p>
<p>i might motorise it for compact storage</p>
<p>this suit is amazing especially the programing used, right now im making my own but out of metal.</p>
I made this costume a while back (2012-2013) using recycled materials.<br>I used empty beer cans ( after cutting top and bottom of the can making aluminum sheets of the rest ) and using toner transfer method for the pepakura printed pieces. Then after cutting them I used a hot glue gun to glue pieces together. After that I applied newspaper pieces soaked into PVA glue ( Disney's art attack method). <br>Next I used sandpaper to smooth the pieces and finally I applied primer and spray paint.<br>It was a very cheap build( 70 euros - 80$ total), very light (6 or 7 kg) and pretty durable.
Hyy sir plz help me to make a Iron man mark 6
<p>Still working on assembly.</p>
<p>Finally finished. This tutorial helped me a lot. Thanks.</p>
<p>how do you dowmload ironman 2 suit mark 4&amp; 6</p>
<p>Hey, I really like your armor and I wanted to make it myself. However, is the design compatible with thin foam (like craft foam?) </p>
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<p>hi very good job with this , i cant download anything and i wonder if you can send it to my mail: panosarchangel@gmail.com</p><p>very big thanks and keep do what you doing you are the best</p>
Is this all foam eva
<p>Hi. Congratulations for the work. You could send the files to the model for me. wgiacomin.consultor@gmail.com<br> Thank you.</p>
<p>This was a great guide. I actually printed the design on paper then adhered it to cardboard and cut it out with an xacto knife. The cardboard would have been too flimsy so I coated it with liquid Epoxy which stiffened it up nicely. Might not be as durable as fiberglass but it was a easier alternative. Still working on the bottom, but so far so good.</p>
<p>All finished! Thanks for the tutorial!</p>
<p>also what gram card stock did u guys use? Anyone help? </p>
<p>hi was wondering if u can bend your fingers in the iron man glove? Thanks please reply asap</p>
<p>Could you please reply with the link for the suit because the imageshack links don't work.</p><p>Thanks!</p>
<p>i have worked it out now </p>
<p>i cant download the files</p>
<p>Hey im trying to make a Mark 4 suit and i have i month and a week and a half left to finish it. but there are some things I don't know.</p><p>1. how do you connect the pieces to the other pieces? like the chest with the back or the three parts of the bicep to each other?</p><p>2. how did you size yours? (just to know though, I was planning on making them and sizing them on me, I already made half-ish of the pieces)</p><p>Ill come back and ask more questions when I remember what I cant do. </p><p>PLEASE RESPOND!!</p>
<p>In addition to first question, how do you connect abs parts?</p>
if you mean connecting the pieces of the 6 pack area, then I think you line up the front bit as you obviously would and the part that doesn't obviously connect behind those pieces you just have to align the part that you can see. so the nub that connects the 6 pack pieces to each other, just figure out where that goes and stick the remaining bits of that piece down. <br><br>if you mean the 6 pack area to the part that wraps around your back, then you just have to guess or eyeball it. try putting it on to find where it would connect when you wear it.<br><br>hope that helps
<p>where can I download the Ironman Mk II helmet pdo file for pepakura, please could any one help cheers... </p>
<p>I made the helmet, but it is so small for my big head :) so I'll begin with a bigger one. Also, I used thick cardboard, which makes it imposible to make the small details and curvatures, so I'll use a thiner one.</p>
<p>I can't find the link. the link at the beginning of this file apparently no longer exists. Any idea where I can find the paper files to make this pattern?</p><p>Thanks,</p>
<p>So when I try to print out the helmet, part of the eye won't print with the rest. When I view the helmet in pepakura the pieces that won't print aren't in the white tiles like the rest of the pieces, they're in the grey area. Thanks</p>
You don't need those pieces, that's why they are in the gray area
<p>Thanks it looked like we needed them but it seems like it just covers up the eye</p>
<p>Hey I'm thinking about trying this, but there is currently no file in the &quot;Shoulder R&quot; folder. If you could please update this I'd greatly appreciate it! I would hate to size every piece and not end up having the right shoulder.</p>
<p>hey, wich papersize did u use? 297x210mm?</p>
<p>Hello , I live in Brazil . Too like your project. Congratulations ! What is your time .... This design was made to its correct dimensions ? <br>I have 1.87 in height .... <br> <br>I'm waiting!</p>
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<p>walah lha niki sanes patung e pakde..niki damel cosplay.. :D</p><p>basa Jawa masuk Instructable rek..hehe.. NIce!</p>
<p>gostaria de fazer vc pode mandar os moldes pra mim </p><p>geo_jardins@hotmail.com</p><p>valew</p>
<p>Hello. How much did it cost you to make the hole project? I have started building it on my own, with cardboard and EVA foam but I think your idea is much much better.</p>
<p>Hi! I think you should update this one or make another for the mark 42 suit!</p>
<p>Hi, I'm 5'6'' and 107.8lbs ... what scale should I use?</p>
<p>how to do you get in the suit?</p>

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