Want a cute costume for Halloween, but don't want to spend alot of money or time on it? Then here's a costume you might enjoy that works for all ages! We all know Halloween is more fun when you go with friends, so here's two costumes that go together for two people to have fun with- a mouse, and a cookie!

brown and pink felt
a hard headband
thin wire
jean overalls
pink and black facepaint/makeup
hot glue gun
poster board
brown paper grocery bag
black paper
glue adhesive spray (works best, but hot glue or Elmer's white glue can be substituted)

Step 1: Mouse Costume- Cutting Out the Ears

Out of the brown felt, cut two circles with a diameter of about four inches each. Make the bottom of each circle flat. The circles do NOT have to be perfectly round or even. Personally, we think it adds character if they're not. Out of the pink felt, cut out two circles of the same shape as the brown, except make them slightly smaller so they fit within the brown circles.

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