Picture of Ikea Rutbo turned Wood Veneer Pendant
The paper coverings on some of Ikea’s lighting can look dated or worn after a while. But I saw an opportunity to turn a “Last Chance” Rutbo Pendant into a wood veneer pendant lamp to hang over our dining table. I like the warmth that wood provides to a modern home. But many of the nice looking wood veneer lighting options on the market are upwards of $350. The cost to make this is closer to $85.00.

I bought a 24” x 96” sheet of pre-glued wood veneer for $46.50 with shipping . The pre-glued version allows you to use an iron to melt the glue to form a perfect cylinder.

You'll need:

8  - 3mm machine screws
8 - 3mm washer
8 - 3mm hex nut
24” x 96” wood veneer sheet

Polyurethane, Stain or Both
Foam Brush
Drill w/ 7/64 drill bit
Laser level
2x4 or similar slim board

Step 1: Prep

Picture of Prep
Peel off the paper covering and remove the metal frames. Use a straight-edge between the inner and outer rings, that are located on the top and bottom of the lamp. You can discard the middle rings. Use a straight-edge to scrape off the remaining glue and paper from the flat outer rings.
Fission Chips10 months ago

I don't like most of Ikea's lamps for this reason. But with this, I can get it looking real nice!

kraftmatic1 year ago

That's very pretty. Great job.

twighahn2 years ago
i think i can make the frame too
pbarton1 (author)  twighahn2 years ago