I ordered a talking skull kit as soon as it was on the cover of Nuts and Volts. I assembled the board, tested it, and then continued to modifying the included skull. Unfortunately, the instructions for the included bracket made installation a little tricky, and the skull bracket rattled a bit, meaning the animation wasn't quite as good. These tips aren't reinventing the wheel, and will take minimal time to modify yours. This way the skull servo mount will perform much better. This instructable is really a guide of tips that should make installing your bracket a little less painful.

This instructable is about Scary Terry's talking skull kit, information here http://www.scary-terry.com/.

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Step 1: What You'll Need

Dremel or Drill -just for drill the hole in the bottom of the bracket. It only needs to be big enough so the long screw can fit in.
Airplane Nuts for bracket screws -These are the ones with the nylon rubbery stuff on the inside. these reduce shocks. These aren't strictly necessary, you can use the regular nuts because it makes very little difference.
Included Servo Bracket -duh
Included bracket screws -This includes the one going through the skull and the ones holding the motor
Hot Glue Gun -Used for holding the inluded bracket nut into place
Lock Washers for Bracket screws -These helped keep it tightened a lot
Screwdrivers for screws
The included motor and the little bag of things it comes with

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