Picture of Inexpensive laser photo tiles.
Alex tile.jpg
Henry tile.jpg
You can create a photo tile that looks even better, in my opinion, than engraved granite at less than half the cost.

The tiles attached are white glossy ceramic wall tiles from home improvement store covered in spray paint.

The the pet pictures are done with a glossy black spray paint on a 6x6 tile.  

The tile with the couple in the loft door is done with a Rust-oleum brand spray paint, primer and paint in one.  The color is Oil Rubbed Bronze.  The tile size is 9 x 12.

After spray painting I let the tiles dry for a day.   I processed my pictures through PhotoGrav, then through my 30 watt laser,  I ran them at 30% power and 80% speed at 1000 dpi. 

I find it far less annoying to ruin a $1 tile than a $10 piece of granite.

The pet tiles where my first try.  

The idea was not originally mine.  I got the basics of it from the project files on 

LazyDMImprints (author) 1 year ago

Please note I had to edit this. I was writing it when I was tired and I reversed the power and speed settings that I used. I will look into doing a full step-by-step in the future.

That makes so much more sense. That's part of why I was so confused. :)

I don't have experience with laser equipment. What frequency is the laser, Is this a co2 laser? Does 80 pwr mean 80% power? What does a speed of 30 mean? Is that fast or slow? Are you burning off the paint essentially? Sorry for all the questions, I'm trying to get a grip on the process and equipment used.

LazyDMImprints (author)  Todd Gehris1 year ago
Hi Todd,

No problem, I don't mind answering questions.

I have a 30 watt CO2 Rayjet made by Trotec. It is a desk top laser. Only a 12 x 18" table.
I ran it at 80% power and 30 % speed for the painted tiles. Yes it burns, vaporises, the paint off.

I would suggest The sight has been very helpful, worth the subscription fee.


Kiteman1 year ago

You ought to write a step-by-step for this process!