Infinite Filament Cube





Introduction: Infinite Filament Cube

12 led filaments and half mirror to build a infinite filament cube

Step 1: What Is Led Filament?

If you want to buy them on ebay, you can try to search the key words led filament chip.

Step 2: Solder the Filament Correctly

Solder the led filaments like the photos. And solder the motor wires to the terminal of the filaments.

Tip: the filaments are really sensitive to the solder iron temperature, you may break it if you solder it too long time or the iron setting is too high temperature.

Step 3: Hang the Filaments Cube Inside the Half Mirror Cube and Glue It.

Step 4: Connect the Filament Cube's Terminal to the DC-DC Boost Circuit.

I use xl6005 boost circuit to convert 5V to 60V for the filaments. Then I can use the USB power bank to power my filament cube. XL6005 can support 5V input instead of 12V input only.

Step 5: Some Other Things I Made With Led Filaments


  • Honghong Lu made it!


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Questions & Answers


What are those filaments? Unfortunately your photos are very tiny.

I updated the new photos. There are 24~28 leds die bonding in serial for one filament. The amount of the leds depend on different spec and different vender. Sometime you need 70~80V to light the led filament.

Ah! Looks nice :-) I have well seen them in replacement lamps but did not think much about how they work. I was not aware that you can purchase those filaments. I searched on ebay but no luck (only in light bulbs). Do you have any reference?

Yes, I am lucky, I am in Canton Province in South China. I tried to contact the manufacture and ordered the MOQ filaments from them :-P

Sitting near the source has it's advantages :-) I'll keep looking and see if ebay will be a source (rather than disassembling one of those rather expensive light bulbs).

Nice work!

But those filaments are way too expensive, compared with just buying a lamp with several and smashing it - and they don't even have to mount them and the shipping is lower (due to size) - in a couple of years perhaps...

Btw. Do you still buy components by weight and in a brown bag like at a grocer shop in your exact part of the world?

Have a nice day :)

Yes it is a little expensive. You can imagine there are 24 ~ 28 led die bonding in serial on a filaments. That is to say one filament equal to 24~28 LEDs. In fact I didn't buy the lamp but contact the led filament manufacture to buy the filaments after my friend told the these funny materials. We was going to make a kit or make some funny projects with them. So the first time I bought the amount to meet their MOQ.

Probably at a much lower price :) What was their minimum quantity?

If the "was going to" indicates that you now have a lifetime supply, you should consider eBay or some similar site - One thing is certain, any LED types have been replaced with better and cheaper at short (exponentially even) intervals, so in a couple of years, it's unlikely that you want to use those particular ones for anything. it's so annoying to sit on thousands of LEDs when brighter LEDs taking less current becomes cheaper than your stock ones (been there at times and not only with LEDs).

Better yet, do make the kits - you live just the right place for setting up a great future in a kits and component shop where you're the boss :)

(Slight correction, found my 400 lm LED filament lamp and it has got only 4 filaments @ around US$3.50, so not as cheap as I thought, but that's including VAT and custom charges).

When I bought different samples from Taobao (Taobao is the online shop like the retail one in eBay in China), I found the price was cheaper than the one I bought from the manufacture, but the quality was not stable from Taobao. That is why I finally bought it from the manufacture with a more expensive price and the MOQ was 300 pc. Because the manufacture's normal MOQ to the lamp company is 10K. For the kit part, I still need to modify the dc-dc boost circuit even the current one is working. But I need to add some protection and other easy way to individual control each filament. I don't want it look like a lamp. And without the protection circuit I feel scared to sell them since I worry some users may directly connect the filament to the AC which may hurt themselves.