Introduction: Infinity Mirror Clock Making

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Making an infinity mirror clock is a very fun proccess. Anybody can do it and once you finish it you will be amazed!

So lets get started!

Here is a video step by step:

What you will need:

1. An old wall clock, the rim diameter of mine was 30cm
2. A round mirror with a 10mm hole right in the center, (The diameter here must be smaller than the rim diameter of the clock becuse you will have to fit the mirror inside the rim)
3. A round one way mirror the same diameter with the other mirror
4. Some strips of wood, or anything that is bendable and can be used as a spacer between the two mirrors
5. Led Strip
6. Some wire
7. A power adapter for the led strip (mine was 12Volt DC 50Watt)

Step 1: Disassemble the Old Clock and Prepare the Rim

Picture of Disassemble the Old Clock and Prepare the Rim

Disassemble the old clock, take the rim and drill an 8mm hole 1,5cm from its edge. We will need that hole to feed the wires from the led strip to the adapter through it.

Step 2: Placing the Wooden Spacers

Picture of Placing the Wooden Spacers

Take your strips of wood and place them as shown in the pictures, they act as spacers between the two mirrors. If you use wood place it in some water first for 10 minutes. This way it wont break as you bend it.

They must be a few mm wider than the led strip. At this point you will have to redrill the hole on the rim to penetrate the wood.

Step 3: Led Strip

Picture of Led Strip

Place the led strip in the rim, connect the wires and give it a test!

Step 4: The Clock Mechanism

Picture of The Clock Mechanism

Fit the clock mechanism on the mirror (I bought a 5mm mirror and I had to glue the mechanism on it. If you buy a 3mm thick mirror you might be able to use its own nut!)

Place the clock hands on the mechanism, and place the mirror in the rim.

Step 5: Finishing!

Picture of Finishing!

Use another wood strip to secure the whole structure.

Place the adapter behind the Clock and its all done!



Elias Alves made it! (author)2017-07-15

Also included a dimmer with remote control to increase or decrease brightness

This is really cool Elias. Nice job. The dimmer is a must.

garywpalmer made it! (author)2017-04-08

Your instructable allowed me to turn a clock I found beside my apartment dumpster into something really cool. Thanks!

That is really cool.!!

SherylinRM (author)2016-09-21

VERY nice

Thanks for this :)

majids16 (author)2016-06-08

I did it. Old clock. Mirrored plastic. Mirror sun protection film on the window

fs woodworking (author)majids162016-06-08

Nice job my friend.

goldenshuttle (author)2016-01-28

Very nice project. Ur youtube post also very clear. I have one question, whats the best distance between LED strip vs front glass vs back mirror ? Thanks indeed.

Well I think that its just a matter of taste really. I wanted my led strip to be close to the mirrors to achieve a more intense light effect, and thats why I placed my strip just 3mm away from each mirror. As a rule of thumb I would say if you want more intense light but a bit less depth effect, keep your led strip close to the mirrors, but if you want more depth effect but less intense light keep it a bit more far apart from them. (I dont know if that makes sense, I am sorry for my English.).

If you have more questions just let me know. Thanks

MarkP54 (author)fs woodworking2016-05-09

never apologize for your English unless it is the only language you speak.

Good job! I'm going to make one next week.

samalert (author)goldenshuttle2016-01-29

The distance between the (LED and mirror) & (LED and one way mirror) should be uniform. If it is then we get hollow depth effect with LED at equal placement, if it is not then two reflection will seem closer to other two. Lastly as we increase the distance the LED hollow depth effect will be more likewise lesser the distance the depth effect will be shallower.

clee105 (author)goldenshuttle2016-01-29

how can you attach the led strip to the wood strip ?

fs woodworking (author)clee1052016-01-29

Some led strips are self adhesive. Some others like mine are not. If its not you can attach it using some hot glue in a few spots on the led strip.

FractalPI (author)2016-02-10

yes yes and yessa! This is so inspiring to try variations, but your way is definitely my first attempt. Quite creative.

fs woodworking (author)FractalPI2016-02-10

Go ahead. I am here if you need anything

90turk (author)2016-02-02

One suggestion.

Fill liquid paraffin into the watch. Open the bottom 3-4 hole. Attach the hose to the hole. Attach the hose to the aquarium air motor. Start the air motor. Watch the 3-D dance of air bubbles.

BrianM172 (author)90turk2016-02-03

Won't it sorta ruin the theme? like it would be amazing for a person that likes watery-scifi stuff... but some also likes those dry, super cool tech things. amazing idea tho

90turk made it! (author)BrianM1722016-02-03

Your project has inspired me. :)

Infinity Mirror_Liquit Paraffin Screen with 3D Air Bubbles:

amol1 made it! (author)2016-02-03

I did it. Old clock. Mirrored plastic. Mirror sun protection film on the window

fs woodworking (author)amol12016-02-03

excellent! Very well done!!!!

BrianM172 (author)2016-02-03

amazing suggestion: find a way to rig a computer chip to it so when you set an alarm, it makes a sound, or whatever sound you want, and the led lights inside also spiral around...

BobF13 (author)2016-02-02

REally cool. Made it a favourite. Something else to build!

fs woodworking (author)BobF132016-02-02

Thanks a lot. I am here to help if you need anything.

arvevans (author)2016-02-02

Infinity pendulum...? Infinity alarm, and infinity chimes?

Great Instructable. It shows how to build many different types of Infinity Displays.

fs woodworking (author)arvevans2016-02-02


david.crocket.52 (author)2016-02-02

Très beau travail, simple et rapide a réaliser.Bravo

RobertZ7 (author)2016-02-02

Nice cool

fs woodworking (author)RobertZ72016-02-02

Thank you very much. Glad you like it.

crazyg made it! (author)2016-01-29

yours is way much nicer than mine!

fs woodworking (author)crazyg2016-01-30

Don't say that. Each one has its own character. I have seen your instructable, now downloading your video. Very well done my friend.

crazyg (author)fs woodworking2016-01-30

thank you, your very kind, i think i will stick to embedding youtube videos the viewing process is much smoother.

AndrianS (author)2016-01-27

So glad to see someone finally making a instructable about this , I made mine about a year ago but forgot to take pictures so i can make it into a instructable. Nice job ,looks great , circle looks great , mine was a square.

AndrianS (author)AndrianS2016-01-27

O and you used 2 mirrors , I used a mirror and normal glass witch I tint. Are the clock parts visible when the leds arent on ? Cuz mine arent because of the tint and there being no light when the leds are off.

fs woodworking (author)AndrianS2016-01-27

Hi there! First of all thank you for your kind words, glad you like it. And yes I used two mirrors, one regular mirror in the back and a one way mirror on the front. The clock hands are visible if you have some light in the room even if the leds arent on.

AndrianS (author)fs woodworking2016-01-28

Great , I didnt really think about a one way mirror till now , its probably the better thing to use then to tint a normal glass like I usually do . Might have to redo my Homemade Car Stereo Audio System with Infinity Mirrors on the sides where the left and right speakers are with one side mirrors instead of the tinted I used (will post the instructable when im done - still need to do some of the outer looks)

alexeicharkham (author)2016-01-27

good on you!

Thank you!

Imetomi (author)2016-01-27

Oh my God! That's incredible... I'll make one, not because I need a clock, just because looks so goood!!

fs woodworking (author)Imetomi2016-01-27

Go ahead! If there is anything I can do to help you just let me know. Happy making!

wipster (author)fs woodworking2016-01-27

Make me one and i'll buy it from you!

fs woodworking (author)wipster2016-01-27

Please try and make one yourself. Its super easy!!! You will love it. Thanks

lglira (author)2016-01-27

great optical illusion and easy only two parallel mirrors!!!

fs woodworking (author)lglira2016-01-27

Thanks, thats the beauty of it. with a few easy to find matterials you can make an awesome project

MeekPrincess (author)2016-01-27

Could you make a heart shaped one with pink lights around it and I buy it from you? PLEASE

booyakasha3 (author)2016-01-26


ethangalvan (author)booyakasha32016-01-27


Thank you.

trumpetshark (author)2016-01-26

Awesome! Where did you source your glass from?

I ordered the glass to my local glass store. They cut it out for me.

אבן עמי (author)2016-01-26


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