Ever since my addressable RGB LED strips (WS2812B) came from Aliexpress, I've been fascinated with LED projects. Following up on my success with my Charlieplexed LED clock, I wanted to create something with more Jazz..

While browsing google images, I came across an instructable for an Arduino Infinity Mirror and the brain cells started working in overdrive. Why shouldn't I make an infinity mirror, that's also a clock !!


  1. Works like a clock - the colours of the hands are user-programmable over bluetooth
  2. Has an IR sensor to sense if someone is coming near the mirror. Switches off the LEDs, so that this can be used as a normal mirror :-)
  3. Shows a rainbow effect every 15 minutes (time is user adjustable)
  4. Has a touch button to toggle between clock and rainbow effects
  5. Switches to night mode between midnight and 7:00 AM - can be changed in the code.
  6. Can be programmed over bluetooth - so you do not need to take it off the wall if you need to update the code
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Step 1: Electronics

  1. A Standalone Arduino: OR Arduino mini pro:
  2. RTC Module – DS1302:
  3. LM2596 Step Down Adjustable Power Supply Module 1.3V-35V:
  4. 1m 60LEDs/M Addressable RGB LED Strip (WS2812B):
  5. HC-05 Bluetooth module:
  6. IR Proximity Sensor: 4 IR LEDs; 1 IR LED detector:
  7. Touch Pad:
  8. 9V – 2A Adapter
  9. CP2102 USB-to-TTL (the RST pin on the CP2102 is not for resetting the arduino – you have to solder a wire to the DTR pad on the PCB – which sends a reset signal to program the arduino. This has to be connected to the DTR pin on the Arduino
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dushu (author) 2 months ago

New video added:

Also, have posted it in the hackaday contest:

nadlycam made it!24 days ago

Great clock! It inspired me to make this my first arduino project. I haven't completed it yet, I'm still trying to get the bluetooth to work, but I have it working using a USB to serial adapter. One thing that I found works really well is a convex mirror in the middle. I bought a 5 inch convex clock glass and painted the back with 'mirror effect' paint. It's amazing, the reflections go all the way to the middle. Thank you so much for posting this!

dushu (author)  nadlycam17 days ago

Also - it seems from the photo that you have stuck the LED strip next to one of the mirrors - hence the double LED rows in the reflections. If you stick it near the middle - the reflections would be more regular.

nadlycam dushu23 hours ago

I finally finished the frame, so I was able to attach the LED strip to the side. This is how it looks now. The trickiest part was getting the inside perimeter exactly right. I used epoxy wood filler to reduce the diameter by a couple of millimeters to get that. Now I just have to find a bluetooth module that works and it will be done. Thanks again for this instructable!

dushu (author)  nadlycam21 days ago

That looks amazing. Great idea on the convex glass.

I'm glad you liked this enough to make one. Let me know if you have any problems and I can help out.

pgupta313 days ago

Hi, I have almost made it. But one issue observed by me is that there is no difference between multi and rainbow. would love it if more effects can be put in program for multi .

dushu (author)  pgupta313 days ago
You can try different effects from the net - should be easy to do - once you understand the code.


pgupta311 month ago

will the sketch work with ds1307 or I need to modify

dushu (author)  pgupta3129 days ago

The sketch is for DS1307. No changes required

Sukethot1 month ago
rafam1 month ago
Okie; thanks.
rafam1 month ago
Thanks! Another question- is the proximity sensor really needed? If so where could I buy one (don't want to make one)
dushu (author)  rafam1 month ago
You can do without the sensor. It's just used to switch off the leds if someone comes near - so that it can be used as a mirror.
rafam2 months ago
Hello; I'm about to start this project. For the 1pcs DC-DC LM2596 step down adjustable module 1.3v-35v could I use one that just admits 1.23v-30v? Would it still work?
dushu (author)  rafam2 months ago

Apologies for the delay in replying. This project needs 5V - so anything that provides 5V at sufficient amperage (>3 Amps) should work

jermani eaves2 months ago

have u tried to program it to look like it tells time that would be cool too

dushu (author)  jermani eaves2 months ago

It tells the time - see the first image - the time is 10:12. The updates code shows the 5-minute markers in white colour - so that it looks more like a clock.

Luong Dan2 months ago

Your product is very nice. Vietnam decorations used in bars and karaoke rooms ... disco.

We use a large number of LEDs strips should have strips of LED solutions are powered with high capacity control through the gates of the transistor (mosfet)

omgthatscool2 months ago

OMG thats so cool !!!

dushu (author)  omgthatscool2 months ago


that would not look out of place in a sci-fi movie. awesome,awesome work. visually it's very much like a dial i am designing for a sci-fi animation i'm currently working on.

Thanks. Glad you liked it

tnwanwene2 months ago
I will try building it soon. thanks I love it. I had taught of this when I read of the infinite mirror effect. you brought my imagination to life!
dushu (author)  tnwanwene2 months ago

Thanks - I'm glad you liked it. Please let me know if you face any issues.

dushu (author) 2 months ago
bo01ean2 months ago

What is in the center?

dushu (author)  bo01ean2 months ago
SrRaven2 months ago

How much did this cost in total ?

Im looking for a neat project in the winter and this just looks awesome

dushu (author)  SrRaven2 months ago

See step 5 - approximately 5,500 INR (~USD 95)

ivanjacob3 months ago

That's a great idea! Can't wait to make something like this myelf.

dushu (author)  ivanjacob2 months ago

Thanks - let me know if you face any problems

M3G3 months ago


dushu (author)  M3G2 months ago


Ben Finio2 months ago

This is awesome - I'm glad that my project provided some inspiration (and thanks for linking back to it). Clearly you went above and beyond what I did though - it definitely looks cooler with the addressable LEDs, and I really like the addition of the stainless steel plate in the middle to create those additional reflections. Very well done!

dushu (author)  Ben Finio2 months ago

Thanks Ben

高明宇2 months ago


dushu (author)  高明宇2 months ago

I'm sorry I don't understand Chinese - Google translate says "I looked good trouble China" - so don't understand what you meant :-)

SuperStaop dushu2 months ago

Hi, i'm also a chinese.The other guy means “It's a little different for me a chinese to read the article ” we like the create products that the app shows.

euphemism dushu2 months ago

If I were to hazard a guess, the message might be "It looks good, sorry for my Chinese." As in, your are being commended for your project, and the commenter is apologizing for using Chinese.

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