Infinity Mirror Coffee Table!





Introduction: Infinity Mirror Coffee Table!

hacking a classic coffee table

Step 1: Sanding Down the Faded Old Paint

with lots of patience i removed the old paint to reveal the wood underneath

Step 2: Adding the Infinity Mirror and Testing It

i didn't take detailing pics making the infinity mirror but as you can see in the finished table there is a mirror in the bottom of the table where a marble top used to sit .On the 4 sides i added a self adhesive rgb led strip with a remote controlled microcontroller and rigjt on top there is a two way mirror glass wich completes the illusion infinity mirror. I used a 12v 4 Ah rechargeable battery to avoid using a power supply with cables.

Step 3: Paint

i used a white color for the finish

Step 4: The Battery

underneath the table i build a case to hold the 12v battery and the microcontroller for the ledstrip

Step 5: Asseble and Admire !

As you can see when the lights are off it looks like a normal glass top coffee table! the ledstrip has remote controlled microcontroller so you can turn it on and off and change colors!



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    When you put the mirror film on do you have to face it a particular way?

    that's cool! If you improved the clarity of the Instructable I think this might get featured. I certainly would!

    6 replies

    Not very cleae actually not clear at all. I would love to do this but ????????????????????

    sorry about that it was project that i made about a year ago and didn't take many photos of the build. basically this was an old marble top coffee table and i put on the infinity mirror hope this video will help you

    unfortunately that's a project i made a while ago and didn't take detailing pics of the build then

    Sorry but it's possible to insert a sensor that turn on light when you put something on the table? I don't like wire and I think that you can use rechargeable battery and a sensor, 10 hours of autonomy will be a lot...

    3 replies

    the battery is rechargeable 12 v i used a 4.0 Ah wich lasts about 12 hours max . love the idea about the pressuse switch though becauce the tv remote interferes with the ledstrip controller

    the maker mentioned he used a rechargeable battery

    My post is for the sensor that boost autonomy, type of battery is only a second thing...

    That looks awesome Chris well done, really nice ible :)

    Just WOW ! Amazing and beautiful ! I must create this ! Good job ? ? ?

    How long does the Leds last for with a full charge of battery? How long does it take to charge the battery and what connectors are used for the led strip to be plugged in and to charge the battery ?Which led strip are you using? Also what 12v battery are you using

    2 replies

    its a 4ah 12v battery so it last about 10 to 12 hours. i use a car battery charger attached directly to the poles for quick charge but any 12v charger can do the trick

    its a 4ah 12v battery so it last about 10 to 12 hours. i use a car battery charger attached directly to the poles for quick charge but any 12v charger can do the trick

    is the second photo in the last step the table finished but turned off? if it is the effect of turning it on is even cooler. bet people who see it switched on for the first time are blown away!

    1 reply

    yeah its off .The led strips are powered by a battery so when i switch it on with the remote every one is blown away!