Infinity Mirror Coffee Table!





Introduction: Infinity Mirror Coffee Table!

hacking a classic coffee table

Step 1: Sanding Down the Faded Old Paint

with lots of patience i removed the old paint to reveal the wood underneath

Step 2: Adding the Infinity Mirror and Testing It

i didn't take detailing pics making the infinity mirror but as you can see in the finished table there is a mirror in the bottom of the table where a marble top used to sit .On the 4 sides i added a self adhesive rgb led strip with a remote controlled microcontroller and rigjt on top there is a two way mirror glass wich completes the illusion infinity mirror. I used a 12v 4 Ah rechargeable battery to avoid using a power supply with cables.

Step 3: Paint

i used a white color for the finish

Step 4: The Battery

underneath the table i build a case to hold the 12v battery and the microcontroller for the ledstrip

Step 5: Asseble and Admire !

As you can see when the lights are off it looks like a normal glass top coffee table! the ledstrip has remote controlled microcontroller so you can turn it on and off and change colors!



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    When you put the mirror film on do you have to face it a particular way?

    that's cool! If you improved the clarity of the Instructable I think this might get featured. I certainly would!

    Not very cleae actually not clear at all. I would love to do this but ????????????????????

    sorry about that it was project that i made about a year ago and didn't take many photos of the build. basically this was an old marble top coffee table and i put on the infinity mirror hope this video will help you

    unfortunately that's a project i made a while ago and didn't take detailing pics of the build then

    Sorry but it's possible to insert a sensor that turn on light when you put something on the table? I don't like wire and I think that you can use rechargeable battery and a sensor, 10 hours of autonomy will be a lot...

    the battery is rechargeable 12 v i used a 4.0 Ah wich lasts about 12 hours max . love the idea about the pressuse switch though becauce the tv remote interferes with the ledstrip controller