Go go gadget COPTER!

This moving Halloween costume was made almost entirely from recycled and thrifted materials. It was a serious crowd-pleaser -- I walked into a bar and everyone started chanting "Go Go Gadget" until I switched on the helicopter and the entire bar started cheering. You too can be this awesome!

I started collecting materials for this costume the weekend before halloween. It probably took 8-12 hours to construct, over the course of a few days as the spray paint needs to dry overnight.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

To make this costume, you need:

Thrifted, found or borrowed:
- a gray or beige trench coat
- a blue necktie
- a white collared shirt
- blue pants (I wore jeans)
- mens' dress shoes (it looks properly cartoonish if they are a bit too big)
- brown gloves (I wore my work gloves)

(These will get destroyed, so don't borrow them)
- a classic fedora (~$3-$8) (If you can't thrift it, get a cheap foam one from a costume shop.) Brown, gray or beige will look gadget-astic.
- a 1980s-era battery operated shoe polisher with detachable heads (~$3)
(check on ebay if you can't thrift it - get one like this)
- two old bike grips (see if a local bike shop has some they don't want)

From the hardware store:
- two 3' long, 1/2" diameter aluminum tubes (~$8 each)
- glossy orange spray paint (~$5-7)
- white universal primer spray paint (~$5-7)
- a tiny amount of gray or silver universal spray paint (optional)
- three wooden paint stir sticks
- a screw (I used a random drywall screw I had around)
- a small electrical flip switch ($3)
- 8 feet of relatively thin, flexible copper insulated electrical wire (~$2)
- a roll of electrical tape ($1)

From the recycling bin:
- a cardboard box about 16" long
- an empty cereal box
- two empty plastic 500-yard thread spools
- three empty jars or oatmeal tins with lids
- a wire twist tie

From a craft store or your stash:
- around a 20"x20" piece of black faux fur ($1)
- a small sheet of sticky-back felt ($.50)
- a bunch of hot glue sticks
- a tube of strong glue (like e6000)
- four AA batteries (for the shoe polisher)

- needle-nose pliers/wire cutters
- a tiny phillips-head screwdriver (you can find it at a hobby shop)
- a regular-sized screwdriver
- a hot glue gun
- a dremel tool
- Structured Tooth Tungsten Carbide Cutter attachment for dremel (cone or taper)
- cutting attachment for dremel that will cut aluminum and plastic
- drill bit attachment the size for your screw for the dremel (or just a separate drill)
- a vise or vise grips
- a sturdy table or workbench
- a piece of scrap wood of some kind, at least a foot long (I used a mini ironing board...)
- an x-acto knife
- a utility knife
- a ruler
- sewing pins
- helpful: a smartphone and an angle-measuring app

- a spray paint mask (this is under $20 and really important for your health)
- safety glasses

This took around 8-12 hours over the course of a week to fully construct. I'd set aside several evenings to work on this costume.
<p>I found your post inspiring! I didn't have that much time to put my costume together, about an hour thrifting a hat, tie and gloves, and a couple hours hot-glueing, taping, soldering, and cutting things I had lying around. I made it with a metal curtain rod, 3 plastic hangers, some tag board, a film canister, an old motor, batteries/battery case, wire and a switch. </p>
I love this costume so much that I made go-go gadget legs, and go-go gadget arms. Check out the video of the pneumatic legs, and carbon fiber 8 foot arm <br>http://www.fienup.com/project-4/?x=1
This is amazing! I'm trying to replicate, but I've been unable to find the aluminum rods (I asked at Home Depot but they couldn't locate any). Where did you find them / what are they normally used for?
They are aluminum tubes, they were at home depot (or lowes maybe?) in the section with the small (2' to 3' length) metal bars and rods and tubes.
There are some great you tube videos of go go gadget arms, .... That extent automatically ..... I am dying to figure out a way to make go go gadet telescoping stilt legs....it's got to be phenumatic or electrical to be cool..... Any ideas....
Awesome! I made the Inspector Gadget costume based loosely on your plans. I didn't have a shoe polisher so I used and old toys motor which a mounted to PVC pipe handlebars. I bought the hat at a Halloween Costume shop for $6 and invested less than $10 in the entire outfit. I worked on it the afternoon and evening before and then the day of the party [where I wore the costume]. Inspector Gadget was a big splash, and I was very proud of the fun (and easy to wear) costume. THANK YOU for sharing!
Awesome, I'd love to see pics of how yours turned out!
inspector gadget is still alive!!
jajaja, i love it!!! thank you for share!
Holy propeller Gadget! lol.. Great job. That show brings me back... Anywho, I also like your cool vid too. Keep up the good work!
...back....to the movie, or <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-JHfXVlkik">the old cartoons</a>?
So I had this exact idea this year, and let me tell you, you rule! I am so excited that there's an instructable for this! I was a little lost on how to start. I'll have to share pics when I am done. :-D <br> <br>What's this years costuming genius? Halloween is the best! heehee
&quot;<strong>Missed </strong>Halloween <strong>by this much !</strong>&quot;<br> <br> <em>Get Smart </em>reference aside, the copter project&nbsp;is very cool and looks easy to replicate. The model in the pictures seems like she's having a great time.<br> <br> I want to see Mo Mo Gadgets!&nbsp;
Thanks! I wish I could have done tons of gadgets... Next year, figuring out how to make all of the gadgets magically pop out of the hat.
I've always wanted to make the various Claws that have shown up in different Gadget incarnations. <br><br>There are only really two that come to mind: the original, cartoon one, which looks more like something found on a suit of armor, and the movie one, which in my mind is quite a bit cooler...a big pincer attached to a prosthetic. <br><br>I designed a *three*-taloned one a long time ago. Might be too complicated.
Could she be considered as &quot;Gidget Gadget&quot;?
Just don't call her &quot;Evil Gadget&quot; behind her back. ;)
Wouldn't it be great to run around town and look at everyones reaction! Ah what fun I could have with that! great job
I'd probably get beaten up, knowing my luck.
ha! thanks for the good laugh!! well if you get beaten up then use some of the other gadgets!
Oh, that is just too awesome!!!!!! <br> <br>Here, I got one for you--you should do one with the &quot;extra hand&quot; next. My idea involves taking a cast of your own hand, putting a white (yellow?) glove on it, and sticking it onto a flexible gas line. I would advise you to BUY the gas line rather than borrow it from your oven...more expensive ($25 at Home Depot) but less risky. ;) If you're at a Halloween party at a bar, you could make the hand so that it looks like it's holding a glass.
Cool idea- post some photos if you make it!
Sadly I'm not in the Go-Go-Gadgeting vein at this present moment. I have a suitably Gadget-ish coat, but I need it for the Tenth Doctor. So, no plans to build it, but I have the whole thing basically worked out in my head. One thing I can tell you is that you'll need a kind of &quot;skullcap&quot; or something sturdy enough to attach the gas-line. Check out the second &quot;Gadget&quot; movie, with French Stewart in it--there's a scene where he's got a Gadget Blender coming out of his hat...and it's a physical (not CGI) prop. You might get some idea of where I'm coming from with that.
Congratulations on your win!<br>This is an absolutely brilliant costume; I can't wait to see what you come up with for your next one. Maybe something that involves a shiny new Singer...<br>Well done!
Thanks! Already thinking up new ideas... I wish halloween came more than once a year! Your aliens costume was amazing.
Nice! If I saw it before Halloween I would've tried making it...<br>lol i'll make it anyways...<br>
There's always next year!
Great photos/directions! Epic reproducibility.
Thanks, glad you liked it!
I love inspector gadget! Great build too
Thanks! Your lego men are super fun too.
This is great :D
Thanks! I love your ninjabreads!
I'm in love...!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars!!!!!
Great job. 5/5 for sure...you should add some extra in next version like extra expanded hands or some light source...brilliant
Thanks! I did have other gadget plans- I made flashlight gloves, actually, (it involved a mini-booklight shining out of the index finger) but having multiple gadgets was cumbersome and distracted from the copter awesomeness... when you have a spinning helicopter on your head, flashlight gloves are pretty underwhelming...<br><br>I think telescoping poles might work for the extendable arms.
you have some right about that, another thing I was thinking after your reply, is to add an electronic lighter in your glove or something like extra bionic eye...but the initial project counts positively. keep working:)
Love it. :) I loved the Inspector cartoons. My mother was not amused when I chose it as my lunchbox of choice. lol Love to see another female embracing the awesomeness that is Gadget. Great job!
Thanks! ( and I have a Get Smart lunchbox :) )
Awesome job! Looks like you had a ton of fun. :)<br><br>This would make a great costume for one of my boys- they really like Inspector Gadget.
It may be too late this year but I definitely know what I'm doing next year! :-)
Haha ...that is the epitomy of Awesome!!! When i was in the military(canadian), my fellow soldiers called me Go Go Gadget Gelson because i carried everything you could think of that a soldier may not carry. Like q-tips, paper clips, elastics, velcro and a shovel, bungee cords, ziplock freezer bags. Yes i was the only one that went to summer training and brought my own pack shovel. However my Warrant officer just called me Buddy Holly.
this is the embodiment of awesomeness. nice job!
Go Go Gadget Awesome !!! Nice job
Great job! Love the pics and video.
Should have incorporated some roller skates. Would have been epic. Good instructable, besides being a little out of order.
Thanks for the costume love! It was such a blast to roam around town in this getup all weekend.
This was featured and it only has 85 views even now? I thought being featured was almost a guarantee of tons of views.
It was featured like 20 minutes ago, and I published it barely an hour ago-- that's probably why.

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