Instant Ice - How to Waterbend In Real Life

Picture of Instant Ice - How to Waterbend In Real Life
Pour a glass of water and watch it turn to ice instantly! This step-by-step tutorial will show you everything you need to know about Instant Ice.


Step 1: Watch the Videos!

This is how to waterbend in real life!

For exact step-by-step instructions and tips and tricks, check this video out!

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gravityisweak6 months ago

I accidentally did this with a beer bottle recently. I had seen this video in the past and once I realized what was happening I started screaming and yelling, haha.

Paladin60042 years ago
Sweet! Now we need one for earth, air, and fire so that we can become the avatar!


Super awsome!
lmrandall1 year ago

Woah this is cool!!!!!!!!!! This is useful in the South, expecially during summer!! Thanks so much for a great snow cone idea!!!

shakthy1231 year ago

you are a cheat!

BigMatt3331 year ago
It was AWESOME!!!!
Thank you soooo much!
Wtf •~•???
This also works with beer but u hit it on a surface with the bottom of the glass.... I saw it in mythbusters. •~• :)))
Farco5561 year ago
Is that a statesmetal bowl? If so where did you get it from?
tommyfun2 years ago
tjmort222 years ago
Very COOL!, no pun intended....
It actually gets warmer as it "freezes".
shubhansu2 years ago
awsome man that soo cool :like:
I first saw this on an episode of NOVA, and I can't believe someone made an instructable for it! :D This is great!
SkeptiCol2 years ago
I did this to one of my beers by mistake, wondered what the hell was happening. I grabbed it out of the freezer (in a hurry) removed the top, the pressure drop was enough to start the freezing process, scared the crap out of me when I saw it, AND it made my beer instantly flat and yuck!
Dr. dB2 years ago
Whatever you do, DON'T drop the "Ice-Nine" !!!!
hmuckleroy2 years ago
I put it in the microwave and set the timer to a negative number.
Just don't try that with instant coffee - you might end up flung into the far future! Then you'd have to hope they still have photo-copiers, so you could Xerox a mirror to get back to your proper time-frame....
So your water came out yesterday?
Keep Em' coming.
PKM2 years ago
Fun fact, it's possible to do this with cider as well as water. Last summer I put a bottle of cider (can't remember the brand, probably aspall or bulmers) in the freezer to cool it, but left it in slightly too long. I was delighted when I remembered about it, got it out and the contents were still completely liquid, so I popped the cap off. Instant freeze from the top down before I could pour it out, and I made a face like D:
creshawn2 years ago
dasani nor aquafina work
How do you get around the inevitable 'defrost timer' of the modern frost-free refrigerator which cuts off the cooling for 20 minutes , every 4 hours? Have you ever tried canned fruit juice to begin with, for a possible flavored ice?
nartyteek2 years ago
Awesome! I am itching to mystify my young nieces with this one. It will blow their minds.
clinares2 years ago
This is actually how I serve beer at my house. I call them "slow tippers" because you have to tip them slowly so that it does not slush up on you. I'll put the beers in the freezer in advance and leave them there for about 1 hour and 15 minutes (Dos XX green bottle). If you tip it slowly you feel the ice crystals going down your throat. Very refreshing, especially after cutting the grass.
morval6662 years ago
I get this happening every now and then when I put a bottle of pop in the freezer for almost too long. You move it or just open it and boom the whole thing becomes a slurpee. But too long and its frozen and you gotta wait.
yeah and the slurpy comes shooting out the top even with a can of beer no foam bummer,
wonder how long a 5 gallon water cooler bottle would take to freeze? I could make a ice chair to sit in this summer
Hi all, just a side note, I used to service scientific instruments, this is super cooling, we had a machine from the states that would super cool milk below 5 degrees C, then a paddle would be activated inside the test tube and freeze the milk, you would watch the temperature rise (in one thousands of a degree), the temperature it froze at depended on how many impurities were in it (in this case milk fat) to drop the temperature that it froze at. IE pure water should freeze at zero, the more impurities in it, the more below zero it actually freezes at.
SO, they could see if the milk being sold to make milk shakes was being watered down, or if you were being sold "full" milk
State analysts posing as ordinary people would go to cafe's and milk bars, order a glass of milk, and then analyze it, if you were watering it down (freezes closer to zero) then you were prosocuted.
They also monitor the milk sold by the dairy farmers, who had to balance the Fresian cows, to the Jersey cows (who gave more cream in their milk) to see if you were in the boundries of the states limits.
And the machine was called a CryoScope. as in looks at Looks at cold things.
Chloe82 years ago
A magical water!
annarosesc2 years ago
I never knew that. I also did not think that would happen. Very cool!

patbking2 years ago
Um, where's the link to the video
sitearm2 years ago
@The King of Random; Hi! I've tweeted this. Excellent practical instructions including especially how to determine the right amount of time to superfreeze water based on freezer and water brand used. Interesting term, "water bending" I've googled it and it seems to have multiple interpretations both cinematic and real life. Learned something new, thank you! Cheers; Site
thinkdunson2 years ago
works with dr pepper too. the freezing point of water goes up or down with a decrease or increase in pressure, respectively. so if you take your dr pepper bottle out of the freezer at the right time, it'll freeze when you open it because the pressure inside the bottle has decreased.
Also, does it have to be pure water? Or is like, Dasani or Arrowhead or Aquafina or Pure Life ok?
Will it eventually do this on its own? If you leave it in the freezer long enough?
pyogazel2 years ago
that was cool, thank you for sharing!
been waiting for this for a while
Kshitij02112 years ago
gosh! thx! i jus won 500 buks(INR) in a bet wit my frnd!! u r awsum!
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