Picture of Interactive LED Beer Pong Table

Create your own Interactive LED Beer Pong Table!

This instructable will guide you through all of the steps to in order to create a one-of-a-kind beer pong table complete with cup detecting RGB pods, automatic ball washers, a 32x12 ping pong ball LED grid, side LED rings for spectators and an RF interface to communicate wirelessly with a PC! It will teach you everything from theory of operation to modifying the table to suit your needs. First, I will take you through the modification and wiring of the table before we dive into the software side of things.

The toughest part about this project is just getting it started. There is a lot of prepping and labour to do before you can get anything real exciting working. However, if you can stick it out until you get the 32x12 LED grid in place, you will do just fine. Once you get up to that point, you can really start to see the potential for the table and it makes working on it a lot more enjoyable. I worked on this table on and off over the course of one year. If I were to build another one and had a set schedule of 8-hours per day to work on it, I could easily finish it within one week. The majority of the time that I spent on this project went into prototyping, development and writing the software rather than actually assembling the project.

Now come and take a tour with me through this Instructable and let us find out if you are up for the challenge!

Daily Planet on the Discovery Channel did a short segment with me on this project. If you are interested in seeing it, check it out here .


I have a few PCB kits ready to go for the improved Interactive LED Beer Pong Table. I have chosen to create a new Instructable for that beer pong table which is where I will post my site URL and the shop where the kit can be purchased. The new Instructable is needed, as it will show the full potential of the new table and how all of the features work. I have currently been asked to ship a table out to Daily Planet for them to have for a few days, so that is the table that I will be using in my new Instructable!

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Doopes15 hours ago

Hi, I'm looking to purchase the fully assembled kit. Can you message me when you have more in stock?

samyv9116 days ago

hey just starting out on this if I buy the PCBS from you which steps do I avoid?

Excellent how much to post to london?
Regax (author)  samyv9114 days ago

You will actually have to follow the new instructable when I post it. If you just purchase a PCB Only kit, you need to assemble the PCBs and then build/buy a bare table to install everything on. All of the details will be in the new Instructable.

JonathanS97 days ago

Hey dude! Excellent build and amazing Instructable - thanks for all the detail! I'll be building a basic table this weekend and checking your store frequently. As soon as the fully assembled kit is available, I'll buy it and add it to my table. Thanks for the great work!

thank you
I was waiting for information . As already ready VERY PLEASE look in here very often and my table waiting for the heart : D

Hello .
I am interested in buying a set of pcb with soldered components (ready -to-use set) I'm at the stage of independent trials but not quite me out

Greets the Polish

sorry for the language

Regax (author)  jakub.partacz9 days ago

Thanks for the interest! I am currently waiting on stock to be able to fulfill the unassembled and assembled kit orders. I can update you when I have all of the kits ready to go. At the moment, I only have PCB Only sets available.

cgranger12 days ago
Do you have an estimated time frame for new table
Regax (author)  cgranger9 days ago

Still waiting on getting my prototype back. I need it for photos and documentation in the new Instructable, but I had it completed on Dec 12th.

I am offering PCB Only sets at the moment with the BOM and parts list that are listed on my site. Just PM me if you want a PCB Only set, as for the other sets, I am waiting on inventory.

etsang574813 days ago

The Fully Assembled Kit is out of stock. :( Will you be taking more orders?

Regax (author)  etsang574813 days ago

Absolutely. In fact, I haven't updated the site yet with any orders yet. I am still getting all of the stock ready, albeit very slowly. I currently have 15 PCB sets and just need the components to turn those into unassembled and assembled kits.

Thanks for the interest!

Can't wait! Please keep me posted as soon as the fully assembled kit is available. Thanks!

Will the new improved table still be based off the wooden table or your silicone one ? And also I'm gonna end up buying the pre made pcbs anyway but is there any way I can like pre order them or how long will it take to make a new set if I don't get them before they sell out right away? I was hoping to finish table before Christmas and sorry I don't have a paypal only a visa debit
Regax (author)  Jakefossett11 month ago

Currently the table is still wooden. The new table itself won't be silicone, just the LED grid in the middle may be encapsulated in silicone. I have tested that and it does work but there may be a better way to do it.

I could make a pre-made kit, but I don't think that you would be able to have it done before Christmas once we account for shipping time and the amount of work that you'd have to do for the table. Also, you'd have to send a money order or cheque to me if you don't have Paypal. If you have a bank account you can actually link Paypal straight up to that, no need for a credit card. Might be something to look into if it's an option for you.

Ok thanks for the reply and another thing I noticed the revised table is a foot less in width so I already have made the 3x8 one with pre drilled led holes so how hard would it be to correct the length and would it cause any problem?
Regax (author)  Jakefossett116 days ago

Sorry for the late reply, I completely overlooked this. The actual layout of the table is up to the user. Even with the new revised kit, you can still build a 3'x8' table and install everything on it. I just made the new table smaller so that it doesn't take up as much space. To fit it onto the 3'x8' table, just space out the LED grid more exactly as I did in this instructable, and move the LED rings to the outer edges of the table. That's it! :)

samyv9116 days ago

hey just starting out on this if I buy the PCBS from you which steps do I avoid?

JustinP823 days ago

I want to but a kit for the new version of the table. How do I make this happen?

Regax (author)  JustinP823 days ago

I am just assembling the kits and waiting on more parts. You can see the kits at The site is still under construction and will be finished soon.

jmawinstone23 days ago

Have any kits available at the moment? Preferably for the new version.

Regax (author)  jmawinstone23 days ago

Everything is finalized and ready to go, I am basically just waiting on inventory. You can check them out at my still under construction website

Great! Will probably be buying one from you soon. Is the new instructable done yet? Or is there a way you can send it to me if it's not available yet? Looking to start getting some of the big pieces together. Cheers.

Regax (author)  jmawinstone23 days ago

Yep. It is still unpublished but you should be able to see it and follow me as I update it. The link is That was my new prototype table and I shipped it out to Daily Planet in Toronto, so I'm just waiting on getting it back. I need to take more photos and refine the programming for the new Instructable with the prototype. I imagine that it will be shipped out later this week. In the meantime, I am just waiting on inventory. Thanks for the interest!

cgranger1 month ago
Do you have website up yet if so can you send me the link
Regax (author)  cgranger1 month ago

Ya it's pretty much ready to go. A few things still under construction but the checkout and everything is ready. I will be releasing it with the instructions for my new table. I'm halfway through the Instructable, so you'll see it right away. For now, I'm just doing manual payments over Paypal.

cgranger1 month ago
Can you email trying to pm you but it's not letting me on mobile
partyhouse1 month ago

Do you have a set of the boards available to purchase?

Regax (author)  partyhouse1 month ago

Yes. I have to finish the checkout portion of my site but if you want a set now for the new revision of the table it is $78.99 for all of the required PCBs (PM me for more details). We can just manually do the transaction over Paypal or you can wait until I have completed the site with a write-up and instructions to build the new version.

I would like to buy the new revision completed circuit boards if you have a full set available and can process the transaction through Paypal. Thank you
Regax (author)  partyhouse1 month ago

I just PM'ed you.

Yes, I would be interested in getting a set for the new version of the table and could process the transaction through Paypal.

GogetaDBZ961 month ago

This is an awesome project that I am extremely interested in trying out. Just a few questions though. How durable is this? I live in a high traffic house, is this table very fragile? If someone spills a cup will it fry the entire thing? would you have any suggestions for making it more durable if you see any weak points (durability wise) in the design as it stands above?

Also, can one choose not to include the ball washer to save some money? Would you recommend it, or is it pretty much essential?

Regax (author)  GogetaDBZ961 month ago

This one in the Instructable is quite durable and resistant to spills. It has an open bottom though, which I do not like. The Discovery Channel had me send them a table for one of their shows, so I made a new 2'x8' table and shipped it 3000Km's to them, it got there perfectly fine and worked as it was supposed too. Here is the new table, just a quick video showing it running basic animations:

If you spill on it, it is all sealed so no water should be able to get to the electronics. You wouldn't want anyone to jump on the table, as the legs may not withstand that, but that's not what it's intended for anyways.

And yep, the ball washers could be left out and would actually save you a lot of work. On top of that, you could use the ball washer channels on the PCB to control another set of LED rings or and LED sign of some sort. There are also a lot of extra channels on the PCB that aren't used, meaning a great deal of lights can still be added to it.

ndenny11 month ago
Do you pre make the whole thing or is it all seperate? How much is it for the whole thing pre made?
Regax (author)  ndenny11 month ago

I can pre-make the whole table but it would be very expensive. The amount of time that is needed (specifically for the LED grid) drives the labor costs way up. That is why I prefer to offer kits, although I only am offering PCB kits at the moment. I plan to extend that to a kit with PCBs and all components, then another kit with the option to have all of the components soldered to the PCBs and sold as modules so everything just has to be plugged in.

FriedrichB1 month ago

I am interested in buying a table built and ready to go... I wouldn't mind some simple assembly (like legs lol) but preferably with no wires to solder and nothing to build, cut, etc. You can e-mail me at


where did the get the motors and ducts for the ball washers? iv found the fan ducts on ebay, however there seems to be various motors when you search for the "24mm 13000 rmp 12v electric motor" if you by chance have the website you ordered the parts from that would be handy, thank you for your time.

Regax (author)  BigCountryBeerPong1 month ago

It looks like the listing has been taken down. You can pretty much use any motor with high RPM's if you're driving it with a higher amperage transistor or MOSFET. I had to be careful as any motor that drew more than 500mA was burning out the ULN2803 transistor array. So if you're just making the ball washers, just use any high RPM motor and modify the circuit to be able to power the new motor. If you're using my design with the ULN2803A transistor array, you'll have to find a low current high RPM motor. Careful though, on eBay a lot of the motors pull more current than what their specs say. It took me quite awhile to find those motors that worked :-/

cgranger1 month ago
When you posting link for new site and instructable
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