Interactive Robotic Hand Using Arduino...





Introduction: Interactive Robotic Hand Using Arduino...

This robotic hand is constructed using four servo motors and four potentiometers as position sensors. the position sensors are attached to a wearable glove which is used to control the robotic arm interactively. The robotic hand depicts the movements of a human hand wearing the sensor glove. The control pins of the servo motor are connected to PIN no. 9, 10, 11, 12 respectively; and the pisition sensors are connected to the analog PINs 0, 1, 2, 3. The analog values are mapped from (0,1023) to (0,180) using the map() function in Arduino and are constrained within these limits using the constrain() function. These calibrated values are written to the servo motors pins using Servo.write() function. 



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    I would recommend using rotary encoders instead of potentiometers, thus increasing accuracy, and stability. Nice project.

    Very good. Surprising how much fun you can have with just a couple of servo's and pot.meters. Thanks for sharing.

    ya it was real fun working with servo and pot.
    thanks for ur interest....

    great workk! simple but effective.. can u plz tell how d programming was done?!?
    where r u situated in india?

    Dear Vgadekar,
    Programming the arduino board is damn simple just grab a Arduino near a electronics hobby projects retailer situated near you and get started form the tutorials on Simple !!! I'm in Banglore BTW...

    Really nice project. I am going to try this one with my 9 yo son. He is very intelligent and I think this would help kick-start an interest in Engineering. Once he can see that he can make one from instructions it should really boost his confidence as well. I can't think of a better show -n- tell project for school. Thank you for uploading this one. BTW.. Is there any suggestions you can give for running the commands from my lap-top as a replacement for arduino? I would like to start him out this way and for myself as well. I am sure I can Google something but any tips would be graciously received. Thanks...

    Thank you very much for thinking that this project would be an inspiration for a kid as young as 9 yr old... And as for the sending instructions to the robotic arm you could write a simple App using Visual Studio which can communicate to the board using serial link and modify the code to respond to the commands being received.... :)

    Could you record the movement of the glove for later replay of the hand? If so, I'm gold for an unrelated but mechanically similar project.