Step 5: Time we went faster

Picture of Time we went faster
So you're ready to try taking photos of really fast stuff now...

Definitely a moment to consider a few things, can you focus before shooting, ie: does the camera lens whir and the picture becomes sharper when you push the button half way in? If so you're able to do this in a quick and easy way, you need to focus on where the object will be (distance wise) and either follow and wait or wait for the object to hit the sweet spot. Settings wise you'll be looking at 1/2000th of a second at 200-400iso for a sunny day, again shutter priority is probably the best setting, I have found that full manual means that blown out pictures are too easy on a bright day.

For those without manual settings go for either full auto or one of the 'bright day' settings, they all have silly names but there should be one or two that have that general gist. Now if you focus beforehand then work away, this'll be easier with more light as the camera will lower shutter speed until it's happy. The actual shooting is the same for you guys just focus and wait...

For those with fixed focus you probably have a big enough depth of field to just shoot until you get a shot you like.