Internet of Things Toilet uploads flush events and toilet paper roll change out events to Google Drive spreadsheet.

How does it work? – An aquarium liquid level sensor float switch detects toilet tank level; flushing lowers the level closing the switch. A photo cell located in socket (blind hole) of the toilet paper holder spindle mounting arm detects when the spindle is removed to change out the toilet paper (letting light hits the photo cell, thus "closing the switch").

Signals from these two sensors are sent (wirelessly -despite what the intro photo implies) via a hacked two button key fob; that is, sensor switch closure effectively pushes a button. A 315 MHz receiver module connected to a Raspberry Pi receives switch closure signals.

The Raspberry Pi, using Python API gspread, transmits the event data to Google Drive spreadsheet.

See system layout image.

How hard and how much $ ? - Assuming you already have a Raspberry Pi, and you know how to load and run Python programs, and can build basic electronic circuits – this is pretty easy & quite inexpensive (< $40) IoT (Internet of Things) project.

Why do this? - (1) To explore IoT on the cheap, and (2) because I can.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

Assuming you already have a Raspberry Pi, additional stuff you'll need ...


1 each:

Keyfob 2-Button RF Remote Control - 315MHz (products/1391) PID: 1391 $6.95

Simple RF M4 Receiver - 315MHz Momentary Type (products/1096) PID: 1096 $4.95

Photo cell (CdS photoresistor) (products/161) PID: 161 $0.95

Stacking Header for Raspberry Pi - 2x13 Extra Tall (products/1112) PID: 1112 $1.95 

Adafruit Half-size Perma-Proto Raspberry Pi Breadboard PCB Kit (products/1148) PID: 1148

Radio Shack

Radio Shack 271-009 1/8-Watt 470 Ohm Carbon-Film Resistors (4 req'd, but 5 in the pack)

Amazon.com, 1 each:

Aquarium Wired Liquid Water Level Sensor Float Switch



(1 req'd) - 5mm Through-hole LEDs with Built-in 5V Resistor, Red # 604-WP7113ID5V

(1 req'd) -5mm Through-hole LEDs with Built-in 5V Resistor, Green # 604-WP7113SGD5V

(2 req'd) - 2 pin Female Headers # 517-929870-01-02-RB

(2 req'd) - 2 pin Male Headers # 571-4-103321-4

plus misc stuff like hookup wire, solder ...

<p>This is a very cheap and effective way to remotely monitor older people living alone. Monitor toilet flushes and usage of kettle is a good indicator all is well. Some things in life we do reguarly, making tea and going to the loo is one of them</p>
<p>It needs to weigh 'deposits' and keep scores online feature</p>
I don't know if anyone has suggested but... a weight sensor could ID the occupant with a moderate degree of accuracy.<br><br>Also, I can see this being miniaturized and built into a toilet seat with accompanying accessories like the roll holder and perhaps a moisture sensor/weight sensor in a mat to detect male occupants, ID them, and scan for &quot;splash factor&quot;. On second thought... being that I am male and married... let's not do that one. Hahaha!
<p>There's such a thing as TMI. </p>
<p>How about measuring the time spent in the restroom? This would have to be the time between when the door closed and the flush... You'll be able to tell if there was somebody either constipated or just sitting on the cell phone...</p>
<p>There are other bathroom tasks, like bathing, to consider</p>
<p>XD with a LED outside showing &quot;CONSTIPATED INSIDE 00:45:12&quot;.</p>
There were 2 flushing very close to each other.... Indian food?
<p>Don't recall, but probably failure to combine task type #1 &amp; #2</p>
<p>great work with the sensors, radio, and writeup. how might you check if the flush is proceeded with the washing of hands?</p>
<p>I usually was up afterwards</p>
I would probably attach a switch to the soap pump if you have one.
<p>how about just 2 wires under the faucet? the water would complete the circuit</p>
<p>Water really doesn't conduct that well unless you are dealing with pretty short distances or wall outlet-level power. You could still sense it, but the wires would have to be sticking out too. Besides, I'm one of those people who doesn't count a quick rinse without soap as washing.</p>
<p>Great! Now mum can keep an eye on whether you're going to the toilet regularly... How about modifying it to automatically open the window for 5 minutes after the flush has been used?</p>
<p>Would seem like task #1 or #2 would need to be detected</p>
<p>Priceles !!!!!</p><p>Lets get tweeter involved too. </p>
<p>Doable put not desirable IMO</p>
<p>It'd be like &quot;Poop Session - 4 mins 32 secs - 20cm TP used.&quot;</p>
<p>If it could make you flush remotely, It would be more powerful for people can't remember whether they did it or not...</p>
Please don't have it post pictures!!!
<p>this is great news for people that tweet everything they do. Now they can automatically tweet or post in facebook when they take a c**p. Fabulous advance for the human race!</p>
<p>Kewl. As someone who has been known to load up on Grape-Nuts (a US breakfast cereal) occasionally, how feasible do you think detecting a toilet clog/overflow might be?</p>
<p>Grape Nuts used to be in the UK as well but haven't seen them lately. One of my favs!</p>
The sensor would be extremely easy to make, just attach something buoyant to a limit switch and put it in back where it is out of the way. Just don't plan on reusing it afterwards ;)
<p>If you put an accelerometer inside the paper roller you could tell when and how much paper was taken. This could distinguish #1 from #2.</p>
<p>Yes, yes all very clever, but... you forgot the most important sensor of all... GAS!</p><p>Bugger the hand washing and flushing thingies, we need to know when it's safe to enter!</p>
<p>this is hilarious, i have a chrome extention that changes the word &quot;cloud&quot; to the word &quot;butt&quot; and the title says: Internet of Things Toilet Uploads Events to my Butt<br><br>this could not be a more appropriate (or rather inappropriate) time for this XD</p>
How about instead of reporting toilet paper change, alerting of low amount left?<br>Nice project. I'm in!

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