Picture of Ipad et al holder.
Well it was late at night and I needed a stand. I did not want to go to an 24hr store and pay twenty or more bucks for a stand. I saw on instructable of one that was made out of wood. I started to make a hand drawing of it in a wire frame manner to build it and then it hit me.  Why not use some of the coat hangers to make one. Perfect! Cheap, can be made quietly late at night and do not have to get out of the pj's to go to the store. Do this project at your own risk. Please take care and prevent  stabbing yourself with the tines. WEAR SAFETY GLASSES! I will not be responsible for any issues. I thought about paper macheing them to make them safe and a bit more arty. Just a thought for later. This definitely can be used for an android tablet also.

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Step 1: What you need.

Picture of What you need.

2 or more large coat hangers


Heavy guage wire cutters
Pliers (two sets make it easier to bend the Hangers)
Tape measure
tape to wrap ends.
Safety glasses to keep your eyes protected from puncture.  <<<  Important!

Step 2: Get the coat hangers ready

Picture of Get the coat hangers ready
Cut off the heads and straighten the two coat hangers.

Step 3: The first bends.

Picture of The first bends.
Take one of the coat hangers an measure the total length.
Mark the hanger at the half-way point.
from there measure 1.5 inches (two or so more inches might be better)on either side of the half way point and mark them.
Make your first two bends on the two outside points. like the picture.
I made this one 4 inches wide (original was 3 inches wide).

Step 4: Second bends

Picture of Second bends
Now you will want to measure up 1 and 2 inched on each spine for the next two bends on each spine. this part of the unit will will have two more bends( one on each spine but I will wait for that to make things easier. It is already looking like a stand.