Picture of Ipod Touch Spy Car
With the Ipod Touch Spy Car, you can spy on anyone or record footage of an unknown area with your very own ipod touch!  Next time you need to find out what is going on in the basement when you are upstairs, just facetime your ipod touch, put it on the spy car, and drive while seeing what the ipod is "seeing". 

This project is easy to build, and costs about $100.  I already had the materials on hand, so it was free for me.  No soldering is needed in this project, so it is great to do with children.

I was inspired to make this project when I saw my friend with a brookstone rover for his ipad.  It works the same way as this, but I didn't have to pay a penny for mine!  Also, I wanted a way to be entertained this summer, and it seems as if I have found the perfect solution.

There is one video included, it is of the view from the spy car.

I hope you enjoy building your ipod touch spy car!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need.....

* Thames and Kosmos Remote Control Machines kit  (The specific parts are in the picture above)
* A morphibian rc car (with remote)
* An ipod touch
* A rubber band


* A hot glue gun (with glue)
* A small phillips head screwdriver
ivanjacob3 years ago
if my friend made something like that i would just take the ipod :)
JACKBARRY2 years ago
currently making one with adjustible camera using bulldog clip
post a picture when done
DoctorDv (author)  JACKBARRY2 years ago
Cool! I'll check out the picture when your done.
DrWilson3 years ago
Neat idea! I do this with my rc car quite often by mounting the ipod with knex. With the use of WebCamera from the app store and matching desktop client for windows or mac, the concept would be much more feasable; unfortunatley most people dont have access to two ios devices that support facetime. Nethertheless an exellent idea!
DoctorDv (author)  DrWilson3 years ago
Thanks, stay updated becuase I will probably be posting version 2.0 tomorrow. It will allow a small controller to tilt the ipod up and down. Make sure you check it out. My brother and I like to play hide and seek with a spool of yarn, it is pretty fun! I'm glad you like my idea!

cool game how do you play
DoctorDv (author)  JACKBARRY2 years ago
You hide the yarn and the driver must find it.