Iron Pipe Shoe Rack





Introduction: Iron Pipe Shoe Rack

First project at the new house completed!

Step 1: Empty Space!

Lot's of open space under the staircase?
Time to get busy!

Step 2: Dimensions & Layout

The first step was to measure the closet space: each wall length and angles.
Next I found it helpful to outline a layout with masking tape to help visualize the final product.

Step 3:

All connectors/pipes/flanges are available @ Lowe's.  Black iron pieces are cheaper than galvanized ones, but you will need to clean them of oil to prep for paint (household vinegar works well).

Step 4: Spray Paint Time!

2 coats for each part was plenty.

Step 5: I Can't Control My OCD

Sort of like lego pieces, no?

Step 6: Shelves

Pre-cut, 1x8x8 pine.
Sanded to get rid of any imperfections.
2 coats of wood stain, brushed on.
2 coats of satin top coat, sprayed on.

Step 7: Assembly & Installation

Yep, everything fits.

Step 8: Done and Done

Shoes live here...



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    68 Discussions

    What a nice project. Can you take close up pictures of the flanges please? Or maybe just provide me with the part numbers. I am doing something similar but for books.

    1 reply

    Plug away, no issues with me... having pipes cleaned and painted would make this project go a lot faster, so yeah, if you guys can deliver, I don't see a reason not to order from you.

    As a side note - 4 years later the shelves are still as functional as they were day one. I might do another writeup soon on something new!

    What is the length of the nipples you used? (Main upright supports and bottom of shelf supports)

    1 reply

    Um, I don't recall, sorry. They varied in length, I don't see any reason to use a specific length - just whatever makes sense based on your measurements during planning. Just remember that they don't screw all the way in, usually, so plan for having some of the threads showing and account for the length based on how much of the pipe will screw into your fittings. Good luck!


    2 years ago

    What color spray paint is that? I'm making a lamp out of black steel and this is the color I want!

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    What color spray paint is that? I'm making a lamp out of black steel and this is the color I want!


    2 years ago

    What color spray paint is that? I'm making a lamp out of black steel and this is the color I want!

    Great project, and great choice on two tone paint. But, no, nothing like Legos :)

    Love this! Of course, I only own one pair of shoes, so I'd use it for books.

    2 replies

    Yup, my original thought was to do something like this for my home office shelves, I wanted to practice the idea with the closet (so if it turned out hideous I could just close the closet door and no one wold ever find out!) so I might come back with something similar for the books shelves down the road.

    If you end up doing this for books could you post a pic of it's awesomeness? I'll be looking into bookshelves in the future so I'd love to see a finished product!

    Lining it all out with the tape first…… Thank You. My new first step to every build!

    Nope, the top section of each leg that sits on the floor is screwed into the wall so it's more than sufficient to hold things in place and gravity takes care of the rest. No need to screw anything to the floor.

    Hold on... Are you telling me that you gave up space for Pinarello for shoe rack???!!!! :-)

    I don't recall anymore, but... not cheap. I'd guess about $175, at least? You can probably do under $150 if you use small diameter pipes/connectors that would be more than strong enough, just wouldn't look as industrial. Good luck!