Picture of Iron pizza. (or pizza for pennies).
You may remember the coffee pot pasta (http://www.instructables.com/id/Coffee-maker-pasta/) I made in one of my earliest instructables. Now is iron pizza which is easy and dirt cheap to make. Perfect for travelling, the dorm room, or a quick snack.

Warning!: Do not lay iron against cloth, cardbord or what ever as it will be a definite fire hazard. We used an unplugged cool iron in the making of the pictures

See also: http://www.instructables.com/id/Our-food-instructables/
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Step 1: What's needed.

Picture of What's needed.
For two portions:
2 Slices bread.
1 Slice cheap sandwich meat.
1 Slice cheap cheese.
2-3 containers ketchup from the last time at the fast food place.
Seasoning's of your choice. (Nearby basil plant.)
Butter to toast the bread.

Aluminium foil. or cheapo skillet.

Step 2: Toast.

Picture of Toast.
Butter slices of bread on both sides.
place on foil that is folded so nothing will spill off.
Heat up iron,
Place foil with bread on iron.
Toast bread and remove to a heat safe place. (do one piece of bread at a time unless you double decker it)
Set iron in a heat safe place. (Turn off the iron if you are not going to make the pizza immediately!!)

Step 3: Add toppings and heat it.

Picture of Add toppings and heat it.
Add the ketchup on top of the toast.
Add any seasonings.
Add the cheese and bologna for each half.
Add anything else you want.
With a hot iron, heat long enough to melt the cheese.
Be sure to sure to turn off the iron when done.

Step 4: Eat.

Picture of Eat.
Be careful it's hot!

Step 5: Coffee, tee or ...

Picture of Coffee, tee or ...
Taking the idea one step further.
mackbuck3 years ago
Lol, that's definitely a new way to use the iron.:))
Computothought (author)  mackbuck3 years ago
Thanx. Wiish could take credit for the idea, but it has been around a long time.