Introduction: Japanese / Oriental / Asian Inspired Box V2.0

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So a few weeks ago i made a small box inspired by Japanese / oriental designs.

And as much as i like it, it made me want to make a better one.

So here it is v.2.0 - All made from scrap wood still (as always) but i love how its turned out , still not perfect but i still love it anyway!

I added the Japanese symbol for hope / courage as a detail.

This will be a present for my mum on her birthday, so fingers crossed she likes it as much as me!

I hope you enjoy!

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Step 1: Cut & Rip

Picture of Cut & Rip

I started with an offcut of 2x4. I cut it down to a length i thought would be good and ripped it in half.

Step 2: Cut Out

Picture of Cut Out

Next i moved onto the part that would actually form the box, i took some scrap wood (meranti im told) and basically cut out the middle on 2 pieces, making sure they where the same length as i wanted the box to be.

Step 3: Clean Up & Glue

Picture of Clean Up & Glue

Now it was time to clean up the inside, i used some chisels to smooth out the saw marks and get the 2 inside pieces the same size.

Then i glued them together using every clamp i owned.

Step 4: Plane Lid & Bottom

Picture of Plane Lid & Bottom

While the middle was drying, i planed the top and bottom flat and square. and added a small angle on the top / lid piece.

Step 5: Flatten & Glue

Picture of Flatten & Glue

Once the glue had dried i flattened out the middle and glued on the bottom piece.

After that was dry i planed the sides again so they where flush with each other.

Step 6: Plane & Cut Handle

Picture of Plane & Cut Handle

To make the handle i used a thin strip of the same 2x4 , i cut it down to size leaving it 1" short of the overall box length.

Then i planed it down and cut a 45 degree angle on both ends.

Step 7: Handle Supports

Picture of Handle Supports

To support the handle and make it stand off the lid i cut some thin strips of meranti to the same thickness as the handle

Step 8: Glue Handle & Lid

Picture of Glue Handle & Lid

Next i moved onto gluing the handle together and attaching it to the lid.

I sanded all the pieces except where i was going to put he glue.

I sanded up to 1,200 on all the piece's then just glued them together using but joints .

Step 9: Hinge & Lid Support

Picture of Hinge & Lid Support

Once everything was glued up it was time to add the finishing touches, i used 3 - 4mm barrel hinges to attach the lid to the box.

Then i cut out some more meranti supports that where the same size as the ones on the lid, i glued these inside the box so it would line up with the handle supports.

I did this because it made it look like the lid was floating, and i love how it just looks like its hovering there.

Step 10: Glue Feet & Burn

Picture of Glue Feet & Burn

Now i wanted the box to be raised slightly so i cut some small square feet and glued them to the bottom of the box.

To add the finishing touch in my eyes i decided to burn the Japanese symbol for hope / courage in the center of the handle.

This was my 1st time wood burning, and as the handle was so thin it ended up being 6mm x 6mm in the center. if i was to do this again i would burn it before i glued the handle on, it was a right pain trying to burn it while it was glue in place!

Step 11: Finish & Job Done

Picture of Finish & Job Done

Next it was time to finish, i used some clear wood finish to seal the color and grain, i applied 2 coats of this sanding everything at 1,200 grit in between coats.

Then to get the gloss finish i was after i used spray lacquer. i put 4 coats of lacquer on again sanding at 1,200 grit in between coats. Then that was that - Job Done!

It was a lot of sanding but in the end it was worth it.

I think it looks amazing, still had slight defects but i dont mind, just shows it was hand made by me.

And as its a present for my mum i dont think she will mind!

Hope you all like it and found it a good build

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LukeK1990 (author)2017-09-12

It looks great Gaz, congrats! By the way your Instagram link doesn’t seem to be working.

GG Wood Work (author)LukeK19902017-09-13

Thank you :-D Ive edited the Instagram link so hopefully its working now !

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