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Easy set up for a table lamp out of a Jelly jar (or mayo), and some other materials that I had laying around the house.

Step 1: Materials and Instructions

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Ok, this is a very simple set up, so I'll put both steps here, or you may fallow the pictures

Gather your materials (or you can scavenger an old lamp for the materials):

1 jar of jelly (16 oz) with lid
1 Ceramic socket with treaded male and female (or any other electrical lamp socket)
electrical wire
electrical switch
wood base or similar
A Piece of paper, (it would be nice if it has a design)
white Glue and/ or transparent tape
CFLs bulb (the small ones)


this is what I did, I attached the bottom of the ceramic socket to a base, for this I use a plastic cap of those cardboard tubes and secured with a couple of screws, but you may use another type of material, wood would do it. Later I took the lid of the Jar (wash and dry it first) and I drill a hole of 1 1/2" more or less, to pass tru the base of the ceramic socket (pretty useful with this setup), I also drill several holes 1/4" around the lid to make sure ventilation for the lamp, 6 in total.

I did the electrical connections for a regular lamp on the socket (or as i mention earlier, you can use an old one) and secure the socket to the lid with the female ceramic part, put the bulb and set the jar in the lid and Voila!, done.

The lamp shade is just a piece of paper (I chose one with cotton base, very grainy) , just folded and glued the top and bottom 1/2" for resistance and rolled around the Jar to get the size, tape it and glued together.

The idea can be improved by drilling some small holes at the base to Jar, the top of the lamp in this case, as a heat exhaust, although since I'm using CFLs bulbs the heat is reduced significantly, but it get a bit warm so be careful, I had haded on for a few hours without a problem, but the holes will help.


skimmo (author)2011-01-28

could you frost the glass?

Combine Clite (author)2010-06-18

what about the heat?

trapz (author)2009-08-09

nice..simple idea

sarahb2259 (author)2009-05-22

cool this is slick

pingeee (author)2007-11-03

I am going to ask an obvious question (I am not very good at this kinda stuffs), why do we need to put the bulb inside a jar? Why not just put the lamp shade straight to cover the light bulb? Is it because there is worry that the heat will burn the lamp shade without the jar? Thanks

arte.sano (author)pingeee2007-11-04

That's right, the paper will burn, no to a point of ignition, I hope not, but could, since I'm using CFC's is less heat, and also help to keep the shape and the shade in place, You may try a different material, or use paint for some interesting design directly to the glass. Cheers

csmiler (author)arte.sano2009-01-10

CFL's.Not CFC's

pingeee (author)arte.sano2007-11-05

Thanks for the reply. I have a CF bulb lamp. As the light is too bright, I just use tissue paper to cover (close to but not touching ) the bulb, so far (more than 1/2 year) nothing burns yet. Maybe I am just lucky...

Kiteman (author)pingeee2007-11-04

The jar holds the paper in place - unless your home is 100% draught-free, and nobody walks near the lamp, a simple tube of paper would blow over.

Scott_Tx (author)2007-11-04

The heat might kill the CF bulb though, they need ventilation

alvincredible (author)2007-11-04

very cool!

PKM (author)2007-11-04

Simple + practical + attractive = + rating for you

I think you mean CFL (compact fluorescent lamp), not CFC (chloroflurocarbon, nasty ozone-destroying griblies), but otherwise- good work!

arte.sano (author)PKM2007-11-04

right, I keep saying cfc's why? silly me. I'll make the changes, thanks for the + cheers

jammis (author)2007-11-04

I like this so much because its so simple! I havent done a DIY project in a while but this is going to be my sunday project now! Thanks!

fizzle7033 (author)2007-11-03

This is so cool and so simple!!! Thanx!

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