Joule Thief LED Nightlight (with fluorescent science design) (!)

I used my small joule thief circuit ( in a couple of small nightlights, but they were more like doll's house lights! I wanted the nightlight to be functional so I had to scale it up a bit even though I prefer things small.  

I found a wonderful instructable here: and used his ideas to fill my test tubes with fluorescent highlighter ink. Less really is more when it comes to fluorescence,  a fairly weak solution worked best for the level of light I wanted.

I found an old chemistry set in a charity shop a year ago and used one of the two test tube stands and three test tubes. I mounted the joule thief on a block of wood I cut from a jenga game - stuck him on the chemistry stand with epoxy and used thin rope I had left over to cover the wires. I was kindly advised to wire the (UV) LEDs in parallel and that is what I have done.  

I like the fact the light is economical, running on batteries which are dead to most intents and purposes, plus I've always wanted to enter a competition here and now I have! 
bananagirl (author)  acmefixer11 months ago
(removed by author or community request)
WrshpMzshn1 year ago
I like it!
bananagirl (author)  WrshpMzshn1 year ago
Thank you all for your kind words!
ChrysN1 year ago
Cool, that looks great!
That is way cool!

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