Picture of Juggling: passing six clubs

These instructions will teach you how to pass six clubs between two people. Previous experience juggling three clubs comfortably is necessary. Group juggling is a merry time and desired by many solo jugglers. These steps will propel you from solo to group juggling and will help you expand your skill set. After familiarizing yourself with a two-person pattern, larger and more complex patterns can be easily learned.

*If you want to learn how to juggle three clubs, please visit this instructables page, http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-juggle-three-clubs/

Warning: Beware of injury with flying objects. (spinning a club too much, too hard, bad throw direction, speed, etc)

Self: when solo juggling, every pass is considered a “self”. This term will be used when passing “selfs” while waiting until the next pass to your partner.
Pass: juggling with two people or more, throw from your hip directed towards to other person.
Rhythm: the flow/beat of the passing pattern that will sync up your timing
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Step 1: The Necessities

Picture of The Necessities

Time Required:
Depending on ability, a half hour is necessary for successful passes.

Items Necessary:
4 arms
6 identical juggling clubs

Conditions Necessary:
Level Ground, preferably grass to avoid club damage
Calm, windless weather
Open Space
Ample lighting

Step 2: Warming Up

Picture of Warming Up

Warm up by solo juggling. You could do some arm and wrist stretching for extra measure.

Step 3: A Single Club

Picture of A Single Club

Practice throwing a catching a single club between two people
-Throw from your hip not in front of your body
-Aim to your partner’s left shoulder
-one rotation per pass

Step 4: Two Clubs + Terminology

Picture of Two Clubs + Terminology

Add another club (two clubs total) and pass and catch at the same time
-In order to start at the same time, both jugglers should say out loud, in synch, the words, “up” while raising the clubs up, “down” for the beat before the throw, and then pass from the hip on the way back up.