These instructions will teach you how to pass six clubs between two people. Previous experience juggling three clubs comfortably is necessary. Group juggling is a merry time and desired by many solo jugglers. These steps will propel you from solo to group juggling and will help you expand your skill set. After familiarizing yourself with a two-person pattern, larger and more complex patterns can be easily learned.

*If you want to learn how to juggle three clubs, please visit this instructables page, https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-juggle-three-clubs/

Warning: Beware of injury with flying objects. (spinning a club too much, too hard, bad throw direction, speed, etc)

Self: when solo juggling, every pass is considered a “self”. This term will be used when passing “selfs” while waiting until the next pass to your partner.
Pass: juggling with two people or more, throw from your hip directed towards to other person.
Rhythm: the flow/beat of the passing pattern that will sync up your timing

Step 1: The Necessities

Time Required:
Depending on ability, a half hour is necessary for successful passes.

Items Necessary:
4 arms
6 identical juggling clubs

Conditions Necessary:
Level Ground, preferably grass to avoid club damage
Calm, windless weather
Open Space
Ample lighting

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