Whoop Whoop goes the Eye.

In my endless train rides in the morning, I once had a vision while snoozing to some awesome dubstep tunes. What if a photo of the eyes reacted to sound in different ways, the pupil and the iris, changing shape and color according to different frequencies?
What a great coincidence that I learned a super easy programming language 2 weeks ago and what a great coincidence that we assembled on Saturday and Sunday in the university to produce something awesome for Interface and Communication Design. (In fact, this was the literal task: ‘Make something awesome’)

So I crafted this software, free to download, modify, project on walls.

Step 1: Downloading the Primary Software

Case 1: You want to use the software with mouse and keyboard.

Download the ZIP-file here: http://www.kamibox.de/files/Julias_Eyes.zip

There are 5 versions of the software in the ZIP-file:
Windows 32
Windows 64
Linux 32
Linux 64

Choose your Operating System and start the app. The controls are:
+   Increase Sensitivity
-   Decrease Sensitivity
SPACE   Change Mode
MOUSE   Move Eyes

What does it do?
Julia listens to the sound coming into Line In (if your PC has an internal mic, that is Line In)
Her eyes react to sound in 2 different modes:
Size Mode: The left iris changes size according to the amount of bass, the right iris according to mid-low frequency, the left pupil to mid-high-frequency, right pupil high pitch. (from your point of view)
Color Mode: Same reaction, but size changes aren’t too severe, instead the color of the iris changes.
If you turn the sensitivity down to Zero, there will be no eye morphing any more, only the movement you do with the mouse.
Quick loud noises frighten her. She blinks when you clap your hands or the music starts to go wild.

Now how should this be of great importance for humankind?
It isn’t. I thought of it mainly as a beamer projection for DJs and VJs, visualizing their sound in a creepy yet fascinating way. (Thanks, Youtube-comment-man, for this substantial summary)
Or without using the sound feature; You can just project it on a wall, following people. Scary enough.

If you are happy with that, that’s it.
Next step would be using the iPhone to control it or changing the code, or making the cursor disappear.
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Um...how do you open it? In Windows (64-bit)?
You certainly went to a lot of trouble to let Julia know you love her eyes. Well done.
A little weird, but OK. It's great that you made your own software.
What beautiful eyes Julia has.
I had to upload the file again, it will be ready in 40 minutes!

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