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Introduction: K'NEX AAC Honey Badger

The Honey Badger, made by AAC (Advanced Armament Corporation), was intended to replace guns like the MP5SD and the M4A1. It does this simply by doing what each of those two guns do, only it does it better and in one complete group. For example, you have the attributes of the MP5SD (my favorite SMG): telescoping "wire" stock, fully-integrated silencer, small overall body, great accuracy - then you have the attributes of the M4A1 (one of my least favorite assault rifles): good sized caliber (5.56 NATO, better than the MP5's 9mm), good accuracy, etc. The Honey Badger essentially combines many, if not all, of the attributes of both of those guns, with: a telescoping "wire" stock, fully-integrated silencer, small overall body, great sized caliber (.300 Blackout), and pretty good accuracy.

What is .300 Blackout (7.62x35)? See here.

The cool thing about this K'NEX AAC Honey Badger is that it mimics the real weapon's combination, in the fact that it: has a telescoping wire stock (from my MP5SD), small overall body (a combination of BM2's M4A1,and my previous experience), and a great sized caliber (better than, at least in my opinion, my MP5SD's tan clip, BM's MP5 dark grey connector, and BM's M4A1 blue rod). It shoots a dark grey one slot connector with a green rod, my personal favorite. To sum up the features we have:

- Telescoping stock (that is relatively sturdy)
- Flip up front and rear sights
- Sturdy magazine
- Secondary chamber (you'll learn more about that in the video, coming soon)
- Really great pin-pull (not seen in pics)
- Comfortable grip/handle
- Good power and accuracy: 40 - 50 ft. (speculation)
- 16 -20 rd. magazine- 

I am actually considering making a full set of instructions , but more likely than not, I'll just post internals.


-The Red Book of Westmarch



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    How can you not like the M4A1? Its my fav.

    Well, in the first place, its pretty outdated. In the second place, there are so many other options that would be, in my opinion, better overall. Guns like the Remington ACR, the Beretta ARX-160, the SIG 556... the list could go on.


    Galil AR(my favorite weapon I MEAN LOOK AT HER)

    FN SC2010

    the Galil is just a Jewish AK-47

    not really, it's practicly the same platform ,that's true but it's not a "jewish" ak, it's a Israeli version of the AK, that doesn't make it jewish straight away, please keep stereotypes like this for yourself in the future

    Hmm, well, I'm not such a big fan of the FN FAL line, but it is the right arm of the free world...

    That makes sense. But i still like the M4A1

    If you like the M4A1 take a look at the C8, it's a better version

    i want to build this thing but i cant find the instructions where are those