Introduction: K'NEX AK-12

Since before August of last year, there has been a "running request" from TheDunkis for me to build an AK-12 (AK-200). I had tried before, but had failed (probably from lack of really trying). This is now the fulfillment of that request from TD, one of my favorite ARs of all time (and one of my favorite builds of all time).

I like the AK-12 for multiple reasons. In the first place, it is extensively versatile. There are multiple different calibers that it can utilize, as well as numerous configurations and additions. While mine is slightly less versatile, with a certain amount of work , you could configure it to do just about anything (grenade launcher, fore-grip, optical sight, the list goes on), even change calibers (currently, it is shooting a dark-grey one-slot connector + a green rod).

Want to learn more about the real AK-12? Check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AK-12

- 14 round magazine
- 50 ft. range
- Comfortable (and extremely sturdy) grip
- Amazingly sturdy body
- Only requires 3 or 4 broken pieces (despite how many you see)
- Great sights (my ultimate favorite)
- Nice cheek rest
- Great pin-pull (see pic #19)
- Sturdy magazine (see pic #17)
- Utilizes sturdy RedBookofWestmarch mech (see pic #21 of that link)

Overall, I hope this is what TheDunkis wanted to see.


(internals, video, or full set of instructions may or may not be published)

-The Red Book of Westmarch



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    how does the mag stay in there??

    here's my version c:


    Dat looks great and sturdy. But aren't ya starting to overuse those fancy schmancy filters a bit?

    Thanks Mike! You aren't the first person to say something about my filters, but I don't see why people don't like them. I think they look boss. Why can't I use them? There can't possibly be any reason in the world, besides, #idowhatiwant. =P

    Oh, don't you dare to hashtag on me! I didn't tell you stop using them, jsut that you are maybe overusing them ;)
    You're welcome!

    Oh......... Sorry........... I did not know you would be offended by my hashtag!?!? My bad... sheesh! ;)

    Well, I guess this is the time for me to call double-standard. Nobody minded that DarkOwlProductions used modded pics, but as soon as I do it... All snap beaks lose! XD

    Yes, your bad. You should go and sit in a corner, and think about what you've done, and how you can avoid doing that in the future.