K'NEX Gun: Defiance (R5) (Build)





Introduction: K'NEX Gun: Defiance (R5) (Build)

Ever since I can remember, bolt action guns have entranced me. From how they look to how they operate, everything about them has really attracted me. So, in order to "give a tribute" to this wonderful system originally designed by TheDunkis, I constructed the Declaration, the parent weapon to this gun the Defiance. On the whole, the Declaration did not go over so well, and admittedly, it had some flaws. Over all, the biggest objection to the Declaration was that it was (or so people believed) just a modded ZKAR. I still hold that this was not the case, but that is a subject for another time.

This gun, the Defiance, is one of the best bolt action guns that I have yet seen. I has abilities that many other bolt action guns don't have, and is versatile enough that you could modify it to you liking without much fear of damaging the performance. With ranges exceeding 60 ft. (easily), this gun is durable and sturdy enough to "protect" you thorough many a K'NEX war.

- Bolt action
- New trigger mech
- New bullet transfer system mech
- Great grip/handle
- Nice, usable, sights
- New magazine set up, with magazine breach
- New bolt and pin set up (adapted from the Zaktangle)
- Extra magazine goes into the stock
- Easier to unjam than ANY other bolt action gun
- Very comfortable setup

Alright, lets move on to the first step.

Step 1: Main Body

This step is probably going to be one of the easiest, as it is the least elaborate. Build the left panel and then add the blue rods as seen in the pics.

Step 2: Internals - Part #1

We are now going to work on the internals, mech, etc. Don't forget to read the image notes, and if you need any help, drop me a note.

Step 3: The Bolt

So in this step you will be building the bolt, adapted from the Zaktangle. You can mod it to your own preferences, and indeed I suggest you do this, as it will make the Defiance more your own.

Step 4: Internals - Part #2

So in this step, you will be finishing off the internals. Follow the pics and image notes (if there are any) as seen.

Step 5: The Grip

I am sorry that I did not take the handle all the way apart, but this is something that you should mod to your liking, as my handle is hefty and piece consuming. And yes, the broken parts are needed if you are going to build this exact handle.

Step 6: Right-side Panel and Body Additions

This step is pretty self-explanatory, just do and build what you see in the pics.

Step 7: Magazine

Again, I am kinda sorry that I did not take apart the magazine to its full extent, but it is really pretty easy to build, just ask me any questions if you have any. Keep the image notes in mind while building.

Step 8: Extras and Finishing Up

All you will be doing in this step is adding the side panels and rubber bands n' stuff. If you are running low (or if you are completely out) of green rods, just skip most of these pics and look at the pics that are about the rubber bands. Again, keep the image notes in mind while building.

Thanks for building the Defiance, I would love pics, comments and reviews on how the gun worked. Thanks again for your support, and I hope you enjoy the build.

-The Red Book of Westmarch

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Well I just removed something from my build list! This is My Defiance! 4 hours of building later and I will tell you that this gun isn't beginner friendly but it is pretty comfortable and shoots well. I'm still occasionally breaking the chambering rod but its not to frequent. The one major visible thing I changed was I added a mag lock. Nothing against your friction one but I don't like friction in general (unless its in a Vann DeGraff generator) so I just added a hinged segment as shown in the third picture.
Overall, I like it! I would've liked more pictures to help me along faster but the final product is definitely worth the time.


I must add that mag lock on mine. It would be very useful!

Glad you like it bro! Yeah, I am sure I could have done better with the 'ible, but I can be a terribly impatient person. What range are you getting?

40ft easily, I haven't maxed it out yet, mainly due to me still fiddling with it. I haven't really got it functioning the as smooth as I want it to yet either so its a work in progress.
I will say though this gun is my first bolt action I built off this site and its interesting that it doesn't use any moving parts. I was surprised.

Great! Yeah, each gun takes about 10 min. to 1 hour to really finish, after having been built.

I made it again, and this time it works epicly! My favourite gun yet, hands down. I think I might use it in the war this year (if I make it, I guess). Do you want the newer pics? I have them if you want!

Whoops! Never saw this comment. Put some pics tomorrow! :P

My trigger would work better if you hinged it the other way so it was pushing on the hinge instead of pulling on it. Plus you'd get way more pin draw.