Among the hundreds of different firearms that I have held and observed, the SL8, at least in my opinion, surpasses them all in beauty. Maybe I am a tad-bit biased, because, after all, it is a Heckler & Koch firearm, and I tend to be very partial to that particular firm. All the same, it must be admitted that the firearm is very "pretty." So, when JonnyBGood asked me to replicate a SL8, I took him up on the offer.

My K'NEX version has many advantages. First off, it is very sturdy, other than that is is reliable, comfortable, and overall, a really nice K'NEX gun replica. With ranges that might exceed 50 ft., a 10 round magazine, and a nice pin-pull, this SL8 is a gun that does not disappoint.

  • Good range: 50 ft. +
  • Looks almost exactly like a SL8
  • Carry handle (V.1, pics 1 - 14)
  • 10 round magazine
  • Great pin-pull
  • Great stock
  • Overall comfort
  • Highly customizable body

While this replica is very piece consuming, it does have the advantages named above. Enjoy!

-The Red Book of Westmarch
<p>Instructable will be posted soon!</p>
<p>The SL8 is one of the sexiest guns out there, (that last photo :o ) and this one looks great. <br>However, as Blue Mullet said, it looks a bit too high, and some angles are a bit off. <br>I like how you replicated a slightly different version than Senior Waffleman did, IMO, with this one, the best SL8 on the site.</p><p>Nice job</p>
<p>XD, I agree. They are pretty &quot;hot.&quot;</p><p>I can respect your opinions, and I am glad you like the gun. Thanks man!</p>
<p>:3</p><p>And you're welcome :)</p>
<p>:3 )&gt;</p>
<p>hehe :p</p>
<p>A very unusual gun but overall it looks great </p>
<p>Thanks man!</p>
Why don't you build some WW2 guns like I've done
<p>Hmm... good suggestion, but I kinda like the more modern gun types.</p>
Fair enough, I'm aint gonna complain
<p>Wow O,O I really want to build this! Please post?</p>
I might, I will definitely think about it! I am glad you like it!
<p>I have all the pictures taken for it, and will post it within a day or so!</p>
<p>Cool! I do not have the time now to build it, but I definitely will once I have time :D</p>
<p>Sweet! Give me some pics when you are done!</p>
Not my kind of gun, but good none the less.
<p>What do you mean? And thanks!</p>
<p>No problem, and I just don't really like the size of the gun. </p>
<p>XD, I practically knew you were gonna say that. My next gun is going to be much (hopefully) smaller.</p>
<p>Haha really? That's cool, what gun is it?</p>
<p>An Arm Micro (of sorts). Its like a MAC10/11.</p>
<p>theres not alot of snow at your place!!</p>
<p>Yeah, I like the gun a lot too! XD, I'm just teasing you. Nope, it has all melted off...</p>
already, and yeah the gun XD
<p>Very pretty gun Red!</p>
<p>Thanks man!</p>
Amaaziing, I'ble maybe? Also, PLEASE MAKE A ROOF ON YOUR MAGS. It is convenient, easy and more realistic
<p>I have the 'ible all ready to post, I just have to add content. As to having a &quot;roof&quot; on my magazines, to be honest, I respect your ideas and opinions, but to me, a person who does not necessarily shoot all my replicas more than 25 times, I don't see the point. Besides, when your magazine has a &quot;roof&quot; it necessitates that you make the internals weird...</p>
<p>looking good, my friend.</p>
<p>Thanks man!</p>
Aww Yeah! I've been waiting for one of these! Great job <br>
<p>Thanks man!</p>
*slowly claps* great job! 'Ible?
<p>Thanks man, already have all the pictures taken for the 'ible.</p>
<p>Great job! Looks better than mine for the most part :P I just dont like your Mag well and trigger guard being one whole piece. But other than that, looks great!</p>
<p>Thanks man, I am glad you like it. As to the Mag well connecting to the trigger guard, I would have to agree with you. And to be entirely honest, I am not a big fan of this gun in any way. I like it over all, but it is nowhere near my top ten faves...</p>
Ohhhhh Yeahhhhh!!!! Love it!! <br> <br>You probably know this is coming but any chance of an ible'? Please?
Thanks man, I am glad you like it! As to the 'ible, I will definitely consider it. I can't guarantee it, but there is a high probability that I will post.
G gun1 Nice job!
Thanks man!

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Bio: K'NEX gun builder here at Instructables. More or less retired from the community, but I still pop in now and again.
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