Picture of Keep Unwanted Visitors Away With a Motion Activated Sprinkler

Do the local animals think that your front lawn is their personal toilet? Do ninja assassins keep trying to sneak into your house? Keep these unwanted visitors away with a motion activated sprinkler system. As soon as they step into your lawn, a passive infrared motion sensor detects the intruder and turns on the sprinkler to chase them away.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Here is a video of the build that I made for Make Magazine.

kaschlegel5 months ago
i finally got around to picking up the supplies for this project. i can't wait to start! There may be several of these on the market, but they're expensive and I would rather know how to make my own so I can modify it and add to it to fit my yard and my use in the best way. Thanks for posting this!

Brilliant! I wish I had thought of this first. I'd buy one...

There has been one on the market for years to scare away deer and other pests. Was/is marketed as the scarecrow. Only needs a 9v battery and a hose connected to it if I remember right.
epicalien1 year ago
Those are the same wire strippers I have!
MagicWood1 year ago

Are these motion sensors not also set to only activate at night?

You can get around that by applying a small piece of tape over the light sensor.
How much did you spend on this?
I got the motion sensor at a used building material store for $5. The sprinkler valve was $12. The fittings were $2 each. The rest of the parts (hoses, sprinkler and power adapter, connectors) I already had lying around my house.

So in total about $20.
Fliggerty1 year ago

This is hilarious! I just happen to have a spare valve laying around.... hee hee hee hee

This would be a great project to keep the dogs from roving into certain areas in the backyard....MUHAHAHA