Picture of Keep your laptop cool!
When I'm doing labor-intensive tasks on my MacBook, like editing high-resolution photos or videos, it tends to overheat. One of the best ways to combat this problem is to allow air to flow underneath the unit to keep it cool. There are laptop accessories you can buy like elevated lap desks and fans, but they aren't very portable, and they can be pricey. My solution: two halves of a racquetball. Super cheap! Super portable!
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Step 1: Gather your supplies

Picture of Gather your supplies


Step 2: Cut racquetball in half

Picture of Cut racquetball in half
Place the ball in the vice in such a position that you will be able to cut along the ball's seam. Tighten the vice until the ball is about half its original diameter. Begin cutting slowly until you break the surface of the ball, then cutting faster will be much easier. After you cut all the way through, wash the ball halves, inside and out, to get rid of the dust.

Step 3: You're done!

Picture of You're done!
Now wasn't that easy? Place the racquetball halves under the upper-left and upper-right corners of your laptop. They should work like a charm! They fit easily in a laptop bag too!
laptop_keys12 days ago

Very Informative post.. I like it.

dweldon13 years ago
I use a couple of Snapple caps, but they tend to slide around on my desk. Think i'll give this a try!
liongold3 years ago
I've used a couple of thick erasers for this too.
Gabbo5404 years ago
The word brilliant comes to my mind.
Also, makes me think, "Why didn't I think of this!"
-Thanks dude
servant744 years ago
Great ... I put a couple of bottle caps under my laptop. Same principle.
macguybber4 years ago
oh my goodness. You sir, have definitely saved all of us time and money. It looks good too! thanks for this instructables. I'm going to go try this out now since i need one right away!
srwoodruff4 years ago
Simple, yet clever! Definitely going to try it out!