Today my absolutely wonderful six year old son came to me and said that he was bored and wanted to go back to school. (It's Christmas break for almost another week!) This both shocked me and made me a little sad. I must have been enjoying his company way more than he was mine. I can’t remember EVER wanting to go to school. I’d have stayed home with my boring mom as opposed to sitting one second longer than I needed in school! It crushed me to think that I was more boring than my mother!


I asked him if he wanted to paint and he just shook his little blonde haired head and looked so close to tears it broke my heart. I thought about driving him to his school so he could see that no-one was there but worried he’d want to stay anyway and that would have crushed my spirit completely! So instead I decided to bring out the big guns and dig in my wasteland of childhood memories to find something that amused me growing up. Considering I grew up very poor there wasn’t much that we could do. We were so poor we couldn’t even afford to live on the wrong side of the tracks! Lol. But after a few minutes of quiet contemplation I came up with some pretty good ideas and this was the winner!

This is simple and low waste along with being free which was why I can remember so much about it! I’m guessing it was my mother’s “go to” game when we drove her nuts! Ha!

In this 'ible you will learn how to make a boat out of ice, a toothpick and paper. Enjoy!


Step 1: Your 4 Supplies

Here's what you will need:

  • plastic water bottle or small plastic cup
  • toothpick
  • paper
  • scissors

Also a way to freeze the water. I used my freezer

As promised I made an 'ible for the cool little finish banner seen in this 'ible! Click <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Paper-Finish-Line-Flag-Banner-FREE/" rel="nofollow">HERE</a> to see it! Enjoy!
It's a nice idea but not green at all...<br>If you were to do this in cold climates, that would make it ok but what's wrong with recycled paper boats or wooden ones?<br>Micka&euml;l
Hello mguer133 and thank you for your comment. <br><br>The Encarta World English Dictionary's definition of GREEN is as follows:<br><br>Green: made with little environmental harm: produced in an environmentally and ecologically friendly way, e.g. by using renewable resources<br><br>This project is made with the water that we use to water our garden and flowers, it uses toothpicks that we reuse over and over for these little ice boats and papers we normally would recycle or reuse in art projects. In these ways this is a green project. <br><br>We live on the Gulf Coast where it gets pretty darn hott in the summers and it's really nice to play with boats made of ice on days that we'd rather not leave the house. It keeps the kiddos nice and cool. Sometimes they end up eating the boats instead of racing them! lol. <br><br>I would love to learn how to make a recycled paper boat and a cool wooden one! My boys would really get a kick out of that! I may have to look that up. Thanks again for your comment. <br><br>Tabatha
What an ingenious idea!!! 5 Stars!!!
Thanks so much! We do this almost every weekend now. My little guys love to see whose boat will sink first! Then we use the water to water our garden;)
I am planning on doing this next summer with a bunch of Cub Scouts! We will have fun! Thanks!
That sounds like a lot of fun! I'm glad I could help. Thanks and enjoy!

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