If you have kids who are "Despicable Me" fans here is a fun and functional gift that is cheep and easy to make. It's guaranteed to make you grin when you see them wear it too!

Step 1: Materials

These are the materials you will need as well as notes concerning where to find them and approximate prices. A lot of the materials I already had on hand in my craft supplies so I guesstimated to the best of my memory.  You'll notice that most come from the DOLLAR TREE or Walmart's Fabric section. If your Walmart doesn't have a fabric section you can find most of these things as any fabric/ craft store, but may be a little more spendy.

*1 cylinder shaped heavy duty plastic container (Mine was 3 qrts size. I bought it at the local DOLLAR TREE. = $1.00) NOTE: you could also try using one of those holiday popcorn tins you have laying around.
*Yellow craft foam (Also from the DOLLAR TREE, but you will only use about $.25 worth)
*1/2 yard of yellow fleece, or other soft stretchy fabric. ( Walmart 2.50 a yard. = $1.25)
*1/2 yard blue felt, fleece or other none fraying material. I'm not sure what mine is I just liked the texture. (Walmart scrap bin. = $.50)
*Children's black glove/mitten combo set. (Walmart $1.25) NOTE: try raiding your old winter wear box, or using old baby socks too.
*1 yard of 3/8 in. black elastic (Walmart $1.98 for 3 yrds. = $.70 worth)
*24" of 1in. black elastic (Walmart $.98 for 2 yrds. = $.50 worth)
*2 large googley eyes (DOLLAR TREE for 2 pair = $. 50 worth)
*2 gray soda bottle caps = recycled for free
*Poly stuffing about the size of a grape fruit. (Walmart standard pillow $2.50 = $.10 worth) NOTE: I use pillows because it costs about 1/4th of the price of a bag of stuffing. Also you may know of a few willing "donors" from your kids stuffed animal box.
*Lentils, rice, wheat or whatever you would like to give a little weight to the hands and feet.
*A black piece of scrap yarn only about 24" worth (I'm not even going to try to estimate cost on that)
*scrap felt black, red, white or what ever you need customize the minions mouth

Hot glue, scissors, and drill

The total cost for supplies = about  $7.00 Your child's expression christmas morning = PRICELESS.
<p>I made a couple changes of my own! hehehe. gru eez beck een da beeznes weeth gadgits end weeeepooons</p>
<p>That's great! I love seeing everyones personal touches! </p>
This is really cool!
How cool is that?! My son is wanting one now- YAY for cuteness! And add cheap and easy for my clumsy fumble fingers? For the Win!!!
&amp; perhaps you'll have it done in time for the second movie. :) Thumbs up!
<br><br>Am I ubset that you thought of thees first? No i ehm not upset.<br>Ok, a leetle<br><br>/Gru voice<br>
hahaha that's hilarious. Thanks for a good giggle!
My kids have really enjoyed it, because it's easy to open &amp; close, and has plenty of space for all their goodies! <br>
cool, I love minions.
That is awesome!
very cute.
Kewl 'ible :)
This is such an amazing idea, I had to make one for my niece for Christmas. Your directions were easy to follow and it turned out great! Only took me part of the day to put it together. I know she's going to love it. Thanks for the great 'ible!
Glad to hear this!
I like this a lot. My son is not a fan of 'Despicable', but I love the concept for adaptation to something else. I tossed a vote your way ;) Good job.
Yes, it's very adaptable. You can even do square containers, and do monsters that eat books or something. I also considered doing a rocketship for my nephew who is into spaceage things. HAPPY CREATING!<br>
Thank you everyone for the positive comments :)
This is so adorable! Such a great gift for a child.
That is so amazingly adorable! I love those little guys! You recreated the minion wonderfully.
This is really cool.

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