Just as the title says.    : )
<p>i made it awsome thanks</p>
Here's my one, With mods of course!
<p>Looks good man!</p>
i made it, and made it shorter c:
If anyone looks at the Knex macuahitl, the last pic includes the tomahawk :)
I made this and it is EPIC!!!
Sweet! And thanks!
Very cool, I built it.
instructions soon please
Dude, Can you post it? :) Please?
Deez ghetto white rods stickin' out of the handle :) Nice gun tho.
*Nice gun?*&nbsp; I didn't know tomahawks fired projectiles.
*Face palm.*
Why are you telling me to face palm?
No, no, no...I face palmed. XD
hehehe. Awkward. I usually comment on guns so I didn't realize.
i love the tomahawk
Looks cool. I can't say much more than the people below me did, but I have a question: <br>About how strong is it?
Pretty strong actually. I've hit a couple of surfaces and people sometimes (my brother and friend), it doesn't break. If you slammed it, it would probably break.
that is too cool
Hmmmmm, What? : )
Just hmmmmm. XD <br>I like the way it looks. *thumbs up*
Thanks! I made it just for fun, I didn't really think it was all that different compared to the other tomahawks on this site, but I guess when you think about it, it kinda is.
Did you see the ultimate assassin's creed 3 song made by smosh on youtube? :) <br>Nice tomahawk!
Yeah. It was pretty funny. : D

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