K'nex M16A4





Introduction: K'nex M16A4

Hey there k'nex builders and admirerers. this right here is my M16A4 k'nex replica. This gun won't be posted step by step but there will come an M4 carbine variant. Sorry, that one will also not be posted step by step.



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    the gun looks good but there's just one thing i just cant bring myself to like.

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    in all honesty, this is one of the best M16 replicas's I've ever seen. The handguard's a bit weedy to be perfect, but the stock, receiver and the carry handle areexcellent. Tell me, how did you make the sights? They might go well on my Model 773...

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    uhmm yes how to I have to explain that. it's actually just the outside to copy and (btw this is for the backsight) put a horizontal orange con o the last blue rod. on the orange con there is a white rod with a dark grey con.

    i wouldn't say unfinished because this is what it's gonna be but I don't post this gun because it's just so huge.

    thanks and thanks for subscribing + :{) LOL

    nice! the stock is a bit off tho =D

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    yeah I know but that are just details:D!