Knex M16a4/a2 With M203





Introduction: Knex M16a4/a2 With M203

This is the m16a4/a2 that ive been working on for a while. It doesn't get superb range because the trigger holds the ram really far forward and i have not really tried to get it to hold the ram back further yet. The M203 is a modded version of moxx's grenade launcher and it works pretty good. Overall this things pretty awesome in my opinion because its about the same size as the real m16a2 and it feels about as heavy as the real one...But there are some things i am gonna try to fix on it if people want me to post if you have any comments or suggestions leave'em below

and because not all of this is mine credit to:
moxx for his grenade launcher
and to dutchwarlord for the carry handle 
and to knex gun builder for the main body of the gun



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    THANK GOD at least someone knows a REAL gun and explains why it is named that or actually has a different part

    for some reason, it looks to me like the carry handle saw something scary and is crawling back. but its a good gun

    Yea i know its a bit small in this slide show but i fixed it i think i still have a pic of it ill try and find it really quick

    No where near the real weight of a m16 :P

    Maybe not super close :P but for knex it was pretty dang heavy lol

    Where did you get that blanket?

    Honestly no clue ive had this thing for a good 14 or 15 years..

    I see, it's obviously of original series design, but when? That was a 2-3 year arc.