Knex Musket (Springfield Model 1795)





Introduction: Knex Musket (Springfield Model 1795)

Hey everyone, this is my musket that I built for a school project. The gun does shoot and is pretty powerful. It was based off of the Springfield Model 1795 Musket which was one of the first U.S. infantry guns. Believe me I know, I typed up a 831 word research paper about it. Anyways, I'll stop blabbering you can just look at the gun.



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    I know that this is an old post, but could you possibly post the mechanism please? I am looking to build a hammer action type gun.

    This was built so long ago I can't even remember. The hammer was for show, had nothing to do with the mechanism. I don't know if I'll be able to post anything with the schedule I have...

    That's so cool!!

    Thanks! It brings back a lot of memories from middle school.......

    Lol thanks, this was just for a class project, I wasn't planning on making instructions.

    Could u maybe use your wonderful brain and come up with a pistol similar to this? That would be sweet

    Sorry, I can't. My knex have been put away do to my relocation to another home. : ( Also, I kind of wanted to start other projects with my knex. Example: I was hoping to build an assault rifle of some kind soon...

    Now THIS is one of the best "replicas" I've seen in a long while!