Knex Pump Lift





Introduction: Knex Pump Lift

Here are the instructions for the pump lift featured in Catastropha!
If you have any questions then feel free to ask!
Be sure to read all the image notes!

Step 1: The Base

You'll first make the base.

Step 2: Motor and Gearing Part 1

Now it's time for motor and gearing. You'll may be able to modify it so that it uses a different motor, but I don't think that that works as the motor needs quite a lot of power.

Step 3: Motor and Gearing Part 2

Next part of motor and gearing.

Step 4: Motor and Gearing Part 3

This is the third and last part of motor and gearing!

Step 5: The Push-track

Now you'r making the small track piece where the balls are pushed allong.

Step 6: The Pump

Now you'll be making the actual pump.

Step 7: The Turning Up

This is where the balls go from horizontal movement to vertical movement.

Step 8: The Shaft

Now your making the ball shaft.

Step 9: The Top

It's time to make the top!

Step 10: Your Finished

You just have to add six balls into the shaft and then your finished!



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    MICRO K'NEX Transition Rod Red, you can better use this rod, without damaging pieces.

    Well, I don't have micro knex :P

    Very nice lift, I've built it and it works great!
    I'll definitely use it in my next ball machine.


    Wow, cool, thanks a lot!
    Keep in mind that you could probably make it higher but idk how the motor would react :P

    That's right but I don't really nead to make it higher, it's not necessary.
    BTW I have two 12v motors but only one adapter that I allready used for the parallel arm lift, I'll have to buy a second :)

    why do you use two motors on the parallel arm lift :P

    No I mean I have two 12v motors, but only one working adapter.
    One of those motors and the adapter did I allready use for th parallel arm lift, so I have to buy a second adapter for the motor in the pump lift. =)

    Oh, gotcha, i have 3 12V motors and two adapters, one of the adapters the polarity is wrong so it'll go backwards, lol