Here are the instructions for the pump lift featured in Catastropha!
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Step 1: The Base

You'll first make the base.
MICRO K'NEX Transition Rod Red, you can better use this rod, without damaging pieces.
Well, I don't have micro knex :P
I know.. ;) but someone
Very nice lift, I've built it and it works great! <br>I'll definitely use it in my next ball machine. <br> <br>
Wow, cool, thanks a lot! <br>Keep in mind that you could probably make it higher but idk how the motor would react :P
That's right but I don't really nead to make it higher, it's not necessary. <br>BTW I have two 12v motors but only one adapter that I allready used for the parallel arm lift, I'll have to buy a second :)
why do you use two motors on the parallel arm lift :P
No I mean I have two 12v motors, but only one working adapter. <br>One of those motors and the adapter did I allready use for th parallel arm lift, so I have to buy a second adapter for the motor in the pump lift. =)
Oh, gotcha, i have 3 12V motors and two adapters, one of the adapters the polarity is wrong so it'll go backwards, lol
Haha lol :)
Nicej ob!
Very clever machine. Did you come up with the concept or is a borrowed idea?
Thanks! And I came up with it all alone :)
Excellent. 4 stars (I reserve 5 stars for things that shoot fire and puke rainbows, lol).
oh, need to reinvent it...... :D
Very cool idea!
No problem!

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