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Sorunome (author) 4 months ago

Oh look, a ball machine!

Sorunome (author) 1 year ago
Do you want the comment trees back?
Do you like the old instructables-comments back?

Are you tired of instructables looking bad on wide-screen monitors?
That and many more can be easily changed now!
Presenting the Instructables Enhancer, it can be found here:

(removed by author or community request)
Sorunome (author)  Gargamel-Knex8 months ago

Hehe, I hope you like it :3

I should update it though, the inline-editor and enhanced comment deleting aren't working currently.

I like it! Thank you very much!


Sorunome (author)  Gargamel-Knex8 months ago

O.O nyan cat

Also, thanks

:D I going to sleep.

njanjanjanjanjanjanja nyan cat 0_o

Dr MonkeyMan2 months ago

Pony Power!

Sorunome (author)  Dr MonkeyMan2 months ago

Ponies indeed ^.^

Knex2thelimit3 months ago

Guten tag! Oh my gosh, you're alrezdy working on another balm machine? Wow. It looks huge!

JM19997 months ago

Can you add a function so you can sort the contest entries?

They have removed most of the buttons :(

Sorunome (author)  JM19993 months ago

After finally finding time looking into it i'm afraid I won't be able to as instructables (for once) actually took care to not be able to output results ordered in a different way :(

And only outputting the ones already added in a different order doesn't make a lot of sense IMO as it are only the most recent ones.

JM1999 Sorunome3 months ago

OK cool, I haven't forgotten about it and the contests are going more crazy each month!

Did you hear about the enchanted objects contest?

Sorunome (author)  JM19993 months ago

Wait, they have such a contest? O.O

JM1999 Sorunome3 months ago

Yes, they now have the problem of not deciding enough finalists and they had to restart the whole process!