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Introduction: K'nex Rockem' Sockem' Robots

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Hello ladies and gentlemen! I'm your announcer JonnyBGood and I will be leading you through the breakdown of tonight's classic robotic boxing match! To my left is a robot that's more monster than machine, here's the Beastly Blue! If anyone is going to stand against this beast it will be the titanic titan on my right. His furious punches will strike fear in anyone on the receiving end, here's the Rageous Red! To bring a new life to this traditional game, each robot has been built similar but with their own unique appearance. Even though this may look different from the traditional classic game, it is a fully functioning set of fight robots bent on nailing a knockout punch to the opposition. Well now that you have seen are fighters are you ready to RUMMMBBBLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEE!!!

Step 1: Round 1: the Arms

We'll start with the most important part of a boxer, the arms. Can't win without those can we? Simply follow the pictures and be sure to pay attention to the joints on the arm. It may also be a good idea to make two of these except make sure that one is a mirror image of the other, or else you'll end up with two right arms...not so good.

Step 2: Round 2: the Legs and Body

Okay you got the arms, now a real boxer also has to be light on his feet. Unfortunately for you, your robot is really light on his feet right now.... without any. Anyway continue following the pictures and building what you see. Make sure to only build the middle section on one half though. If you still haven't started making the other arm and side of the robot, jump back to Round one and build it again just make sure it's the opposite of what you already have.

Step 3: Intermission

If you still don't have another side of your robot please construct one now. Use you current side and these pictures as reference. Also make sure to drop by the concession stand and pick up some popcorn because the action that happens next you won't want to miss.

Step 4: Round 3: Assembly and Head Joint

Alright, you should be well rested and ready for more action! Starting with putting this thing together. Don't forget the white rod that I added during this step (image noted) or else you'll figure out you're missing it later down the road. The head joint was the hardest part to figure out when constructing this the first time. I had to make a lock strong enough to hold the head down while making it loose enough to be dislodged when a fist connects with the chin. The rubber bands used in this step should be snug but not ridiculously tight. In any case make sure the rubber band strength is equal on both robots.

Step 5: Round 4: Brains

A good boxer is one who thinks and anticipates his opponents moves, likewise the controller makes you the brains of the robot. Follow the pictures to create this crucial part of artificial intelligence that puts your brain behind his brawn. Finish this step by attaching it to the robot and to the arm controls. 

Step 6: Round 5: It's All Personal

Okay, by this time in the match everything is personal, it's time to finish it up at this step. For Round 4 you have a blank canvas. All it needs is a face and matching gloves. I would love to see you make your own colored boxer like: white, purple, green or black; just make it yours. I know mine are pretty some pretty decent looking fighters so if you feel that one of them is speaking to you loudly feel free to copy my design. Follow the pictures for the robot you would like to create.(The pictures for blue will come first followed by pictures for red).Last pictures are of my younger brother's robot Lightning Yellow.

Step 7: The Final Bell

Well as this match came to close yours has just begun! I hope you enjoy your own set of Rockem' Sockem' Robots and please feel free to send me a comment with anything you need help with. If you build your own personalized robot send me a picture and a name and I'll include your boxer in Round 5. Also, please vote for me in the Rods and Connectors Contest because to me it's more than receiving K'nex it's about trying to create what you will enjoy.   Thanks for viewing! JonnyBGood

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My thanks go out to everyone who voted for my K'nex Rockem' Sockem' Robots. It means a lot to me to be a finalist and I'm glad that these robots were what you were looking to make.

Your support is and is always greatly appreciated,

Its not a good idea to drop one of these on a new element you are developing by accident....:/ The robots only had a couple of bits broken but the side the element hit got destroyed xD. If I didn't (nearly) catch it I would've had to restart the element lol

5 replies

Wow... lol tough little guys.

Yep xD all of your creations seem to be tough and have lots of clarity to them as they seem compact and to the point. you are amazing with k'nex :D

Why thanks! I'd been playing with knex for at least 10 years so I'm pretty familiar with how to put things together and get what I want. This site is what made me better because then I had to start making my work more presentable.
Even though I've ventured into nerf right now don't count me out of the game. I likely will go back given time and inspiration. =D

I was looking through my pictures and found the robot inspired by your rockem sockem robots! Keep in mind i was a LOT younger and less experienced when I made these! sorry for duplicate pics, ibles was being weird

Knex punching robot66.jpg

Great! I've been using k'nex for about 6 years. I still remember building a 'k'nex punching robot' inspired by your rockem sockem ones years ago :) Actually, I still have the pictures on my laptop!

COOL ROBOT!!! I made mine into a transformer that transforms into a car! You should see it!!

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I should! Do you have any pictures? I will be glad to add them to the ible.

No. Not YET. But, I will take pictures of them today.... if that's ok with you.

Sorry. I had to change my username. (I'm PianoMan9875)

Nevermind. LOL. But anyway, here are the p[ictures. One on the left is the robot, one on the right is the transformed version. (you don't need to take off or add on parts to transform it) I call it the "Rockem' Sockem' Traffic Jam Busters!"


could you post instructions for that?! that's epic. if you don't have it any more it's fine:-)

Nice! I'll add it to the ible when I get the time! Thanks for building!

Well thanks for adding it to the 'ible! Please check out my creation (knex creation) when you have the chance to!