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JonnyBGood (author) 6 days ago
New guns coming soon! ( I really need to stop building and start posting)
I am now in school now so my post and response times may be a bit slower. Sorry but school is first always, and work is second. I will still get on the site though when I get time.
JonnyBGood (author) 5 days ago
Project Hammer, Aka: Competitor V final version

Hmm... What is so special about this gun?

JonnyBGood (author)  akshat210455 days ago

Well its a hammer gun with an internal ramrod. The hammer is pulled back a bit past 90 degrees and has an effective range of 25-35 feet. It also has removable magazines, the mag release can easily be triggered with your shooting hand, and the gun itself is just a little longer than a foot so its a relatively compact package.

Its a little innovative, and its a competitor so no altered pieces are required. I think it will go over well. =D

You have to post this! It's too innovative to remain hidden!

JonnyBGood (author)  akshat210454 days ago

No worries mate! Posting plans are already in order. I may post a preview, but I'm planning on posting instructions regardless so, I may just do that. Expect instruction to appear this weekend!

Ok, post a preview, and then post instructions. Be sure to post a video too!

Darn, man, you are so ingenuitive! Great concept! Can't wait to see the newest edition!

I got bored:

PP #1.jpgPP #2.jpgPP #3.jpgPP #4.jpg

Hey man, its been awhile, huh? Anywho, I don't know if I have ever asked you how my Defiance (albeit, with your mods) held up at the war...? Did it do well? What are the flaws in it? What should I add to it to make it a truly competitive gun in an out door K'NEX war? Any help (maybe a collaboration, lol) would be greatly apperciated!

Man do I have a list for you! Lol just kidding. No really your defiance worked pretty well with my mods to it and yes there's a couple of things that I think need to be improved to make it more war worthy. Unfortunately i already broke mine down so.... yeah sorry. But anyway heres some things that i changed and some that still needed changed

1. Trigger, I changed mine when I modified it. I'm not sure if I built it right but it was extremely finicky and could go off with a small bump to the stock.

2. Something I didn't change, but I wanted too, the pin guide. While it did hold up well with one or two elastics to compete with the TR8 I needed to use 4-5. The brown connectors literally would seperate from the black rod under thd force. I ended up ducttaping them shut to prevent them from separating from the black rod. Fixing it permanently would require a whole different stock length, and I was too lazy to change it.

3. The front. Trust me man, no offence to your Wolf's mouth design or anything but I find rods fly more accurately and straighter out of a barrel. Nothing really important but its just I feel a higher percentage of rods fly straight with a barrel. I also added a mechanism to the top of the barrel which unjams the gun very easily in most scenarios so it kind eliminated the mouths original purpose.

I had a couple more little things but I admit not even my guns were perfect. I used my defiance a lot during war and it performed pretty well. It threatened people at range and it was easy to use. My only regret is that the gun could still put itself out of commission with a jam or a chambering issue, so I'd switch to my TR18. I also modded it in a way the magazine wasn't easily removable, but before it fell out easy...oh well

Overall you designed a great base for mods. I think with a few changes to your current defiance I could use it in war, but of course I got to modify it, you got to know what your shooting.

Sorry about the late reply, but I have been kinda busy (I got a job, BTW, thanks for the advice). In the first place, I want to thank you for your honesty. Lots of people on this site like to say they are honest, but in reality, they are just rude (LOL, then they claim that I'm sensitive).

1. Yeah, I knew almost from the start that that trigger wasn't going to work. It needs to be updated really bad. I'll get to that in my next rendition.

2. Again, I was pretty sure from the start that the pin guide could use some heavy updating. I hate pin guides, BTW. They are annoying, not usually necessary, and a pain to add to a gun.

3. Hmm... A barrel huh? Well, part of the reason why I didn't include one is because a barrel creates more friction and thus less range. All the same, I'll take your idea into consideration.

The magazine fell out? Wow, I'd have never expected that. I think I plan on going with a non removable mag, just because it is more reliable. What do you think? Was the removable magazine easy to operate and reliable enough to keep?

BTW, you still up for that TR8 collaboration? I know we talked about modifying the snot out of KK's TR8... should we wait for his new 'ible to come out? I think I might want to add a removable magazine to it. Or maybe a "quick-swap" turret, for easier reloading. Actually, I just came up with that last idea, I wonder if it'd work...?

Hey , first I want to say congratulations on getting a job. Money is always good! Secondly I appreciate you liked my critique. It's what I thought, put as non insulting as possible because I'm not the you know who or his doppelganger. Other than that, I was thinking over the gun again (for some unknown reason) and I forgot one other thing I would change, that gray connector on the pin. Yes, I know the gun won't work without it, but if you want four bands on the gun so it shoots at war range, it will break the gray connector. I fixed it by fill in the hole in it but sometimes this lead to an even worse problem of the gray connector coming off completely! That is a pain to fix and when it happens in war your stuck with your secondary (mine was a TR18). Anyway enough complaints about that now for that other thing.

Modifying the snot out of a TR8 sounds great! We just need a plan of what to do to it. I like your magazine idea, which I've already got a prototype using that concept,so we could do that or I always wanted a bottom mounted tactical rail on my TR8 so I could have a slingshot or shotgun attachment. The other idea you had about an easy swapped turret is already part of the 2013 model so sorry he beat you to it. Overall sounds like a fun project I'd have some fun doing that!

The only thing that may slow me down is I'm building a vending machine right now so I got quite a few of my pieces tied up, but I should have enough for a gun.

Alright, I'm back... Where was I...

LOL, I was like "I just came up with a great idea for the TR, I'm flipping brilliant!" then you come along and bust my bubble. HOW COULD YOU!?!? XD

Well, I guess I over exaggerated my statement. When I said "modify the snot" out of a TR8, I guess what I meant was change it up to have abilities that it doesn't have now. The main body might not change much, and indeed, I plan on keeping the changing handle, internals and the barrel area pretty much the same. Just give it that Red Book of Westmarch touch that shows up on guns like the Arachnid EBR and the Red Competitor. I plan on modding whatever I don't like. The stock, the grip, etc. I plan on removing the whole turret part and add panels that will allow for a preloadable blue rod / yellow rod magazine.

Go ahead and take your time, I kinda want to build a gun that operates kinda like the M1216 shotgun, I also plan on building a Blue Mullet M4 and a SWAT 556.

We should probably wait to build our TR8s until after KK posts his new 'ible... unless he takes as long as he usually does (that was a joke, I'm not really in ernest).

Thanks man, and yeah, I guess I agree, about money I mean. That is what my parents say anywho. Yeah, his (he will remain unnamed) criticism is rather useless just because it doesn't even make any sense. Comments like: "lol, worst" really don't make much sense. Heh heh, haters gonna hate. =D

Hmm, the grey connecter on the pin. I'll have to think about that. You are making sense. I'll comment more later on.