Voila! My v5 is posted. It uses less pieces than ever before, and is, as the name suggests, handheld! Its got a handle on top, and one on the back. It shoots a slightly different ammo about 75 feet.

I managed to save a load of pieces by making the rails out of rods, saving yellow connectors and green rods. It does result in more blue rods than I would have liked... But who cares!

Thats pretty well it. I hope you like it!

I have made a few other versions of this gun (all of them bigger!). Check them out!

Step 1: Parts List

The parts list! This is where I list the parts. The parts you will need are on the parts list, which is apart of my Instructable. Thank you for listening!

Green ---- 129
White ----- 61
Blue ------- 105 (Yow!)
Yellow --- 4
Red ------- 28

Dark Grey -- 75 (Ouch!)
Light Grey - 9
Red ----------- 65
Green ------- 37
Yellow ------ 68
White -------- 22
Orange ----- 49
Blue --------- 26 (Thats the one in the picture)
Purple ------ 52

Black Y Connector - 6
Elastics - 16. Use #64's. Please. They work the best.
Elastic - you will need one other one. A #64 works best
Blue Spacers - 70
Silver Spacers- 27
Tan Clip - 4
Medium Wheel - 4
Got those? NO?!? Well then go get them!
<p>I found this round gets about 120 feet (that happened once)</p>
My #64 rubber bands are longer, could I use one less then? <br>If I don't the rubber bands are not tight, while they need to be.
<p>Totally! They should be tight in resting position but not so tight you can't pull them all the way back.</p>
<p>I used a GIANT rubber band before with slight modifications to the frame, am now trying to remember how I built it simply so I can have a use for this weird rubber band; </p><p>No bananas, so chips ahoy cookie for scale.</p>
I find this round to be better
Hi guys
<p>Every time I fire, the bullet spins alot. Also, on rare occasions, the bullet gets stuck on the rubber bands that are on the bow. Any fixes?</p>
I get my rubber bands from the mail.
where do you buy your rubberbands? because i gave up on the compact ast thing and im building this<br />
Staples.<br />
I get mine at Dicks And Company ( Basics).
&nbsp;what town/country? i live in&nbsp;California&nbsp;so i have no idea what your talking about&nbsp;
Oh. I live in Canada.
&nbsp;ughhhh...everyone lives in canada,maybe i should move there...
I'm from australia you go there they got powerful and big nerf guns paper guns and paintball guns there awesome i have a few of them too.
I'm from australia you go there they got powerful and big nerf guns paper guns and paintball guns there awesome i have a few of them too.
I live in america XD Meh maybe i should move to china cuse in the us there are so little nerf longshots. lol <br> <br>
<p>...laugh all you want. That's the name of buisness in my town.<br /> &nbsp;</p>
This is really cool how big are the wheels in cm? send ASAP thanks by
True fact.
nvm about my other comment that always happens to me i dont know how it work i go bacck read more of it and the ammo is somehow use for the trigger mech EVERY TIME! LOL
Cool beans, thanks!
you published this on my birthday/election day! OBAMA 08!
happy bday <br />
do you recon than i could mod the barrel to no use as many blues
no rods i dont have near enough rods
that stinks =( i have like at least 800<br/>
realy!? theres a thing called sharing lol. only joking
XD <br />
nah, i would give all of them away for 400 metalic blue rods :-) its not like any knex thing uses 800 blue rods! unless i'm making mutiple things....(witch i love to do) so nvm XD
Ball machines can.
can you go to my orangeboard
do you have to build both barrels? answer ASAP
Aw, dang. I'm gonna try anyway.
THIS THING IS A BEAST i can only imagine the full sized one ( my goal is to one day make it but currently i have no where near enough pieces) <br><br>i made a barrel re-enforcment mod ill post some pics soon
Sweet! Sounds good!
Could you possibly post a better picture of the trigger? Its confusing me a tad. I've tried it for several hours, can't seem to get it though
I'm sorry, but I took this apart a long time ago. Just be sure to follow the footnotes very carefully and I think it should all work out.<br><br>Good luck!
What is the measurement on the wheel? There are many types of wheels that K'nex has. How many inches or millimeters is the wheel you use?
Its this one.<br><br>http://knex.com/building_toys/gray_pulleytire_insert_2in.php?partType=standard
Thanks. With that help I managed to finish building your cannon. It is great and fun to play with. The only thing I would like to see is a better reload method. Other than slow reload I love the cannon and it's fun.
Yes, the reload is a bit of a drag, its true. Hopefully something I will work on in newer versions :-D<br><br>Thanks for building!
I think some type of ratchet retaining system may be nice to bring back the rubber bands with some type of pump action deal. Just an idea though.

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