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"They" say, that you lose a lot of heat from your head in cold weather. Whether this is true or not, you certainly feel a lot better when you wear a nice warm hat pulled down over your ears. Of course you could run out and buy yourself a woolley hat at your local store, but how much nicer to wear something you made yourself and can show off proudly to all your friends - who may even want you to knit one for them - or not!

Step 1: Here are a selection of cosy hats!

Picture of Here are a selection of cosy hats!
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Some could be considered a bit silly - but actually most of them are quite sensible! Here is an assortment of the many hats I have knitted over the past couple of years for a local charity.
How long will it take to make.
works same on dpns??
very nice and really appreciate the pattern. so often cool needle arts are just put into slideshows, you took the time to share your pattern. thank you!
rik30986 years ago
you could sell some of those
Tamaresque6 years ago
Hi, can you translate 'sports weight' yarn into a ply number? Would that be 8-ply? In Australia all wool (yarn) is sold in ply or number of individual strands that make up the yarn. Lovely instructable on pom-pom making b.t.w. I remember being taught how to do that in primary school (where I was also taught how to knit - it was the early 60's!)
stinkymum (author) 6 years ago
by the way you can always knit a proper tea cosy and sew the sides up completely - a nice warm quilted type hat!