Koopa Troopa Bacon Turtle Burgers

Picture of Koopa Troopa Bacon Turtle Burgers

Do you harbor a not-so-secret nostalgia for Super Mario Brothers? A deep, greasy love for bacon? Do you keep watch for hidden coins and magic mushrooms? Then prove your side-scrolling street cred by taking on an entire army of Koopa Troopas in their final-boss bacon turtle burger form. You don't have to leave home, much less take a ride in a flying castle.

Make these Koopa Troopa Bacon Turtle Burgers for your next game night, with 1Up Mushroom Burgers for the vegetarians, Piranha Plant cupcakes for dessert, and any of these super awesome Mario-themed decorations.

Where did this idea come from? My friend Ishan had seen bacon turtle burgers floating around on the internet, and we decided they clearly needed to be taken to the next level as Koopa Troopas. I've improved the instructions to a) use a normal-sized burger, b) actually look like a turtle, and c) have a sweet (and throwable) Koopa Troopa turtle shell. What could be better?

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Step 1: Tools & Ingredients

Picture of Tools & Ingredients


3 pounds ground beef

burger seasonings of your choice (I used fresh-grated garlic, salt, pepper, and chili powder)

1 pound bacon

1 pack hot dogs

food coloring (your choice of brightly-colored but likely-carcinogenic Red #5 as pictured here, or more natural varieties)

cheese (optional)

8 hamburger buns (light-colored bread tops best)


paintbrush (for food color application)

baking sheet with sides (to catch fat drips)

baking rack that fits onto your baking sheet (optional but a VERY smart idea)

aluminum foil

instant-read meat thermometer (optional but again a VERY smart idea)

Step 2: Prep Ground Beef

Picture of Prep Ground Beef

Mix your preferred seasonings into your ground beef, then form into roughly 1/3-pound patties. You should get 8-9 patties from 3 pounds of ground beef.

sunshiine10 months ago

I made them into pet snacks! Scooby loved them! So did Max. Thanks again for sharing Candida. Have a beautiful weekend.


dog birthday cake.JPG
canida (author)  sunshiine20 days ago

What a cute picture! Thanks for sharing. :D

CreationBoy-9 months ago
Please. Give this to me. If I make this, I'll make small slices into the bun, making a pattern like a koopa troopa shell. Amazing job!
canida (author)  CreationBoy-21 days ago

This is an excellent idea. Pics if you make it, please!

atomiclizard11 months ago

These are almost too cute to eat! Then you added bacon. NOTHING is too cute for bacon.

I'm totally doing this for this weekend and if I can't grab bacon in time I'll just make turtle burgers!

kid-friendly? ye gods you'll kill them with all that saturated fat.
canida (author)  lancashiremon10111 months ago

Use grass-fed beef, and run them before and after!

You told someone to "run" their kids? That's hilarious!

dummy197711 months ago

: o

canida (author)  dummy197711 months ago



canida (author)  The Ordinary Gamer11 months ago


taysan11 months ago

Do your own reading on food coloring before slapping undiluted red and green all over your buns. That's more food coloring than you'd use to tint icing on an entire cake. If you look up painting bread with food coloring you'll find all the tutorials involve using milk with a couple drops of coloring as 'paint'. You won't get the intense green and red colors, but honestly, I don't think you want those intense colors going into your stomach.

canida (author)  taysan11 months ago

Excellent point - I've updated the steps above to discuss alternatives. (My kids don't actually eat burger buns, so this was a fun and un-eaten decoration.)

sunshiine11 months ago

These are so adorably cute! Thanks for sharing and I hope your day shines!


canida (author)  sunshiine11 months ago

Thank you! :D

drowe201111 months ago

i love turtles and i love burgers so i guess its a match made in heaven :)

canida (author)  drowe201111 months ago

Om nom nom nom. :)

bricobart11 months ago

This looks just too delicious for words, yummie!!!

canida (author)  bricobart11 months ago

I highly recommend giving it a try - far easier than you might think.

SonicLoverSeth11 months ago
That looks ridiculous... ridiculously awesome, that is!
canida (author)  SonicLoverSeth11 months ago

Thank you! :D

sunshiine11 months ago

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the next time I visit my kids I will make these! They will love them.