Step 25: Removing the LEDs

Remove the old LEDs from the board to get it ready for the new ones.
Nice!<br><br>Awesome points for liking Disturbed, too.
how do you read a binary clock?
Hey great project! I think I'm going to attempt to build this, however I have a few questions about it. First, I noticed you added pushbuttons later in the steps, but they're not on the &quot;main&quot; list of required things. Is there anything else that you need that is not on the main list? Also I was hoping you might beable to point me in the right direction as for where to find a wallwart like the one you used. Thanks for the great project guide btw!
is there a way to make it without microchip?
Not really, it is the brains of it; it keeps the time and shines the corresponding LEDs, I see no other possible solution, sorry. But it is based in Arduino, which is a great microcontroller for beginers since it has tons of community, examples and documentation.
Great project. But is there also a conversion-table for the binary-disabled? Otherwise they don't know what time it is.
That's another feature, you can be the only one to know the current time!
WOW! this is sooo cool!
Hi<br>Nice version<br>Very elegant, a carpenter is necessary more than an electronic... but a beautiful idea. Thanks for sharing

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