Picture of LED Bouncie
This is my entry into the Get the LED Out Challenge.

It is a combination of the amazing LED Throwie by Q-Branch and your average super bouncy ball. The result is a bouncable light up device that is excellent for satisfying your midnight super bouncy ball cravings.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
Gather the following materials:
  • 1 Small LED (any color will do but I had green on hand).
  • Enough small button cell batteries to power your LED.
  • 1 Super bouncy ball.
  • Electrical tape .

And also fetch the following tools:
  • Razor blade.
  • Exacto knife (the razor will be fine but the Exacto will help you as well).
  • Hot Glue gun (and glue). The hot glue worked OK but you may want to use super glue or epoxy instead.

Keep in mind that you want all your components to be small. You will notice that my LED and battery arrangement fit comfortably inside a 1-inch super bounce ball. You can use larger components but you may need a larger ball to house them all. That said, lets continue.
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Ploopy2 years ago
I made one, but I had no glue so I used tape.
photo-13-5-19 13:18.jpgphoto-13-5-19 13:18.jpg
Ploopy2 years ago
I think it would be good if the LED was pointing down and not where the ball was cut in half. it could be use full if the ball brakes.
avanbibber4 years ago
Would this method by ok for making eyes on a halloween costume? Am making a werewolf and would like LED red light eyes.
elkalpin5 years ago
I'm ganna make one where one end of the led is connected to the battery, so when you thow it down it blinks once!
codongolev6 years ago
so many throwie remixes... bouncies sinkies handie any other -ie things you can think of.
Floaties and Frosties.
So I'm assuming that the LED is tucked in far enough that it won't break when it bounces. Is that correct?

How long, typically, does the battery last?
ampeyro6 years ago
a good version of this could have a impact swich(i must add it to my list)
you could probably find one on a small kids toy
or old flashing shoes
yes but the idea is to do it myself, if i buy the finished product it's not DIY
timanator6 years ago
where can i get a good LED light
canno6 years ago
will this affect the bounciness of the ball?
i almost feel that using the word "bounciness" isnt quite professianal. but on the other hand it is a fun word.
Letharius6 years ago
Nice Instructable. I think I'm going to try this one. In the end, how much is the uh, "bouncability" of the ball effected by the cutting in half, and gluing? Does it still bounce well, and fairly straight?
marc92 (author)  Letharius6 years ago
It does not bounce as well as if it was not cut in half, but it does still bounce.
Can you shut it off or do you just have to keep it on until the battery dies?
marc92 (author)  bassclarinet237 years ago
It stays on only because I did not have a small enough switch.
geeklord7 years ago
why didn't you use one of those super thin batteries, The 3volt lithium ones?
marc92 (author)  geeklord7 years ago
They are wider than the super ball itself.
geeklord marc927 years ago
O, i thought you were usin one of those bigger bouncy balls. The ones that are somewhere around an inch or more in diameter. Theres an idea...........
Very cool. You could also try this Instructable by pudi.dk to make a super bouncy ball.
yeah that way u can make it without cutting the call in half then gluing back..
And you can make it in different shapes and sizes.
marc92 (author)  Artificial Intelligence7 years ago
Great idea!
Thanks. This Instructable is a great idea.
cooldog7 years ago
you could use the switch inside those shopes that light up when your walking
marc92 (author)  cooldog7 years ago
Great idea, I wonder how big those switches are.
you could probably even make one of those switches yourself. you would just need two thin pieces of metal that would be kept apart until and impact caused them to temporarily bend into each other.
some guy that made the all-terrain wallet used one

check it out
marc92 (author)  cooldog7 years ago
Thats pretty cool but I don't think that would to fit into one of the super balls that I am using.
Shinji marc927 years ago
A thin spring with a pin in the middle. You can make it as small as you want.
they already have this, the lighted bouncy ball
Yeah thats where I got the idea lol, I figured we were doing the same thing in all other aspects anyways...
cool project though
Sunbanks7 years ago
To cut it in half you could also run it over with a car :P It splits it in half perfectly. I like this, and I have the righe size LEDs! Yay! Anyway, good job.
marc92 (author)  Sunbanks7 years ago
Hahaha. Did you find that out on purpose?
Sunbanks marc927 years ago
Haha nope!
if u bounced this @ night someone would think its a ufo how high does it bounce?
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